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Have you read any good books lately?

What made it a good book?

Who would you recommend it to and why?




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4 Comments on “Recommended Reading
  1. Hi Bloggers,
    I have read heaps of interesting books , but one I would recommend the most would be ” My Life as an alphabet” by Barry Jonsberg .
    It has fantastic reviews from all different people.
    The main idea of the storyline is about a 12 year old girl called Candice Phee . She has been set a task to write a 26 page autobiography for a book report. Every 26 pages must have a letter of the alphabet , (hence the 26 pages.) Instead Candide decides to lash out and write a 26 chapter essay ( this is what we read in the book .)
    I love reading about Candice and her quirky OCD attitude and extremely literal behaviour . I would recommend this book to good readers as the book has many challenging words and is probably recommended for 12-14 year olds .
    From Maddie

  2. Dear Bloggers,

    I have read so many good books, but one I would strongly recommend is ‘ the weight of water ‘ by Sarah Crossan. The book is about a girl named Kasienka, who has traveled from Poland to England with just her mother and an old suitcase, to find her dad who had left kasienka and her mother, struggling with money. I found that the book had a very good storyline, and was written beautifully from kasienka’s point of view. Mixed with moments that will make you cry, laugh and smile, I recommend this book to girls who love a good read about friendship, love, family and life (aged between ten to twelve).

    A series I recommend is the Chocolate Box Girls by Cathy Cassidy. (I know, it sounds weird). This series is a series of five books, each from one of the sisters point of view (four have come out so far), and is targeted for ages ten to fourteen. There is a different storyline for each book, but all of them are connected in some way. This series is my favourite of all time (sounds cheesy), and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves stories about love, happiness, friendship, jealousy, family, growing up and real life problems.

    Warning: these books may make you never stop smiling!

    From Lucia

  3. Dear Bloggers,

    I have read heaps of funny and interesting books, the one I would recommend for you guys to read is the 26 Story Tree House, By Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. The story is mainly about 2 boys named Andy and Terry who have a 13 story tree house then they build another 13 stories so it’s a 26 story tree house! They both have lots of fun adventures with their other friend Jill. She has lots of different kinds of animals. It is a very funny and adventurous book.

    From Alana

  4. Dear Bloggers,
    I have read many great books but one of my favourite ones are called ‘ The BFG ‘ by Roald Dahl. It is about a big friendly giant and a little orphan girl that go on many adventures catching dreams, the two of them even meet the queen Elizabeth. I would recommend this book for children aged 10-12.

    From Taylah

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