New Ideas to add to our Blog

Sometimes its hard to come up with ideas from scratch. We need a little bit of help or inspiration!

So 56VA abd 56MP have been researching other class blogs around the world to come up with ideas to make our blog more dynamic!

Students – Don’t forget to give credit to the class or blog you got the idea from and hyperlink or list the web address to their blog so others can check it out too.

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on “New Ideas to add to our Blog
6 Comments on “New Ideas to add to our Blog
  1. Hello Everyone,

    Our blog needs more posts and pages. So I have suggested some ideas for us to maybe add to our blog. Please give me your opinion and what you would put on these pages. I like Jayden from
    because he does a short biographies on famous people and did a book review which was really descriptive. I also like!/toc/2 because I liked the way they set it out. I also liked the topics the discussed because they were interesting and it related to them (I know they talked about Facebook but they are in high school so that’s okay for them but maybe not us).

    I think we could have a page where we could post biographies about people who inspire us or people you want to be like when you are older. We could also do a brief summary on their life and why you chose this particular person to write about.

    I also think we should have a page about technology and software. Where we could talk about age restrictions and the rules about going online. We could also talk about being cyber safe and cyber smart online too. We could also teach people about what is appropriate to say on social networking sites like Facebook or blogs!


  2. Dear Miss Ash,

    A few things we can add on the blog are:

    1) what time it is in Victoria

    2) A introduction on what they’ll see on our blog

    3) timetable of when we wear runners, have athletics, need notes etc

    4) flag counter

    From Jayce

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