Reflecting on 2013

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The end of our school year is almost here and it’s time to reflect on all the wonderful experiences we’ve had and all the learning we’ve done together.

What are your favorite memories of 2013? And why?

What’s the most important learning you’ve done this year? Why do you think this is the most important?

What’s the most interesting thing you have done this year?

So……What are you looking forward to next year?

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on “Reflecting on 2013
29 Comments on “Reflecting on 2013
  1. Dear Bloggers,

    One of my favourite moments of 2013 was the Science Works excursion.I liked it becauseit had lots of things like the Lightning Show it had lighting and sparks, the people that were there showed everyone how to make a cloud and how lighting works.They showed us some really cool clips.

    My other favourite thing was the Soveriegn Hill camp, we stayed there for 2 days and 1 night. I got to be with Jayce, David and Hiep in my cabin. My favourite things in Soveriegn Hill were the Blood on the Southern Cross there were fire effects, sparks and more. The second day was my favourite camp day becuase we got to go around with our friends and buy things.

    Next year I’m looking forward to highschool because it would be a new experience. I am scared of making new friends and lots of homework.

    From Ethan

  2. Dear Bloggers,

    What I’m looking forward to for next year is Mt Evelyn camp because my friends have told me about it and to let when I’m on the flying fox because you feel like your flying and when I let go I want to do super man.

    I’m also looking forward to is to go to the beach for level 6’s and just because I’m going to fun with my best friends and if it rain grad 6’s get the whole back to them selfs and we get as many free icy poles as we want.

    I’m also going to enjoy Inter school sports I’m going to do is Volleyball and then I will play Rugby Tag because I loved playing it this year and because I had so much fun playing sports with my friends.

    From Tanaiya

  3. Hello Everyone,

    It’s my last year in primary school and there are many things that I will remember for years to come but the most significant event I will remember will be camp. This year we went to Sovereign Hill for one night and two days. During camp my friendship with my friends became stronger as I did a lot more bonding with them which showed me my true friends. While we were there I learnt so much not just about Sovereign Hill but about the people who changed the world. I learnt about what they did and didn’t have back in the 1850’s. It made me think about the people who made the world what it is today especially Australia. Camp is definitely something I will remember for years to come.

    One other adventure I will remember will be Footsteps. I remember the first day like it was yesterday. Everyone was dreading it and there is only one thing worse than Footsteps… Partner dancing! I enjoy doing the individual dances but I don’t mind the partner dances. Unfortunately for everyone the first dance was a partner dance. The girls spread out around the room and the boys chose their partner. My partner made a funny face and quickly walked up to me and asked me to dance and I said yes. The first dance was the Charleston which is a quirky kind of dance which suited my partner very well. He made me laugh so much my stomach hurt but I had a great time. After a sessions we had another partner dance and I had an unusual partner. I am very short and I ended up with someone very tall. It was very interesting and I could the students and the teachers laughing were laughing at us but I was to and so was my partner. It was so much fun and I will never forget it.


  4. Dear Everyone,
    My favourite memories for the 2013 school year are:
    Soveriegn hill was really a good memory because it was the last camp with my best friends at school. I liked it also when we had free time and we were aloud to buy stuff from the shops.

    Book week is a good memory because I love dress up and it is always fun to do every year. I did also like the activities we did with our prep buddies and I liked the parade as well because I liked seeing all the different costumes.

    I really liked going to science works because it’s been a really long time since I have been there. In science works I like when we saw the cool stuff show because the guy there did experiments with liquid nitrogen.

    I liked going to Lyster field because I have never been there before. There were two dogs there that would just walk around and we also did fun activities like when made a milkshake and tried to pop a balloon blind folded.

    What I am looking forward to next year is making new friends at high school because my best friends are going to different high schools.

    From Joanne

  5. Dear Bloggers,

    My favourite memory for the 2013 school year is Cross Arts. Cross arts was memorable because I had such a big part. When I’m older and look back at it I will say ‘how did I do that’! It was also memorable because looking at the audience’s faces when it was my part, they seemed like they loved it. My mum and dad said they were so proud me for remembering my lines and being so confident. I had 53 LINES to remember and trust me it was hard work.

    What I’m looking forward to next year is probably ‘friends’. At orientation day I met a few kids who had the same likes and dislikes as me and had the same interest and hobbies as me. Most of the kids I met are in my class, so that’s good but some are in an other class. My class room ‘Chisholm’ have a new room with heaps of computers and seats and lockers, we are the only classroom in the whole school getting an expansion.

    From Tristan

  6. Dear Bloggers,

    The best memories of 2013 was when we went to Sovereign Hill camp. The entire level enjoyed the trip. It was fun and very exciting. We got to do lots of things and we had to have lots of responsibility. I went to different activities and shops. The food was delicious and there was a variety of different things to do. But the when we got to do what ever we wanted to do it was a dream come true.

    Science works, the grade 5/6’s had an amazing, educational time. We learnt some much things about fitness, the human body, science and much more. There was a show called the bolt from the blue, in this show it explained how electricity reacted to different things, what would happen if electricity hit metal or other things. I learnt that you can get hit by lighting under a tree.

    Police Band, the police band came this year for the last time. But it was still fun, they played lots of songs and some people even came up to dance in front of the band. There was students from Nazareth, St Justin’s and our school.

    Next year I am looking forward to the camp and the different subjects. In the school that I am going to has camp all the way in Phillip Island. I can’t wait till the new subjects they will have. I want to see how the media will be like over there.

  7. Dear 4AP,

    My favourite memories of 2013 would be all the rehearsing that we did for our Beauty is the Beast performance. The overall result was amazing! Another one is the Sovereign Hill camp. It was really fun and it was also really recent. It was a great location for camp because we were, at the time, learning about Australian History. Another memory is The Police Band performance. It was really fun but sad to know that it was their last performance as actual police officers. My other memory would be the ScienceWorks excursion. It was a favourite of mine as we learnt a lot about what science can do and the magic of it! It was really cool seeing SportsWorks and Crazy Inventions. It was so fun. One of the big memories would be Confirmation because I was really nervous on the day. I was afraid because there was so many people coming to see the ceremony and the the Bishop was there. As the actual confirming came closer I started to feel more confident than nervous.

    I learnt a lot of things this year and I have improved in a couple of subjects. My maths has improved and my literacy and reading is much better now. In art I learnt how to shade and draw properly. My teachers have helped me a lot this year and I’m really grateful to have had such great teachers.

    From Sandra.

  8. Dear Bloggers,

    My favourite memory of this year is inter school sports because I like playing sports and playing with a team and different people who I have not played with before. Also to go to different schools to play against other teams and not just bad teams but better teams to test our skills to get better. I think that inter school sport has help me get better at sport and to be a better team player.

    My other favourite part of the year was Sovereign Hill camp I really like it because it was my first time going to camp and to Sovereign Hill. I really liked the red hill mine tour. And there I learnt a lot at the education centre like for the women the bigger the dress you had and for the men to taller the top hat you had the richer they were.

    The most important learning I have done is learning more about BODMAS and fractions. I think BODMAS is the most important thing because I didn’t really no how to do it but now in do . I also think fractions are another important thing I learnt because I learnt different things about it like multiplying and a lot more about simplifying.

    By Caleb

  9. Dear Everyone,

    Some of my memories are, Inter School Sports because it was awesome! I was in Football. It was memorable for me, because in one match I kicked 3 goals! We needed teamwork to make it work. Which in the end we did.

    What’s the most important learning you’ve done this year? Why do you think this is the most important?

    The most important learning I’ve done this year was making new friends which is very important because you always need friends to help and support you.

    Most interesting thing I learnt this year?

    The most interesting thing I learnt this year was at Sovereign Hill were I found out that the 2nd largest gold nugget was found at Sovereign Hill. It was called The Welcome Nugget.

    What am I looking forward to next year?

    Next year, I’m looking forward to a wide range of sporting grounds at high school. I’m also looking forward to making lots of new friends around the school.

    From Daniel

  10. Dear Everyone,
    This year has been awesome! I can’t believe next year is my last year at primary school. This year was great and left me with tons of memories. I’m looking forward to the upcoming carols night, the end of year mass and the well being week.

    Right at the beginning of the year, we had footsteps. Each Monday for most of term one, someone comes in and teaches us a dance. We did partner dances, hip hop routines, individual dances, and partner dances where you are in a circle and your partner changes. This year, two ladies came in to teach us. They were both quite funny. When doing partner dances, she would choose a volunteer to help her. One time, one of them chose one random girl and boy to do the dance together to show the level how they should be doing it. We do this every year, but this year we did more partner dances.

    Camp was just spectacular. We took two bus rides and v-line train to get there, and on subs on the way back. We were there for two days and one night, but it only felt like six hours. On day one, we went to the red hill mine tour, were we saw an exact replica of the welcome stranger, the second biggest golden nugget. We also went gold panning, and gold smelting. In the gold smelting, the guy who was presenting melted gold and froze gold in less than seven minutes. When it was fully frozen and cool enough to hold, he let a few people including me hold it. Then at night we went to the blood on the southern cross sound and light show. Then on day two, we went shopping and had tons of free time. It was so fun!

    Police Band
    The police band at Nazareth was very loud. Nazareth year sevens and nines were there, along with another school. There was tons of songs that were hits and I got up and sung Call Me Maybe. But the other girl with me was screaming, so you couldn’t hear me, but it was still fun. Almost everyone was up near the stage and dancing. It was great, except we had to walk there. That was so tiring.

    From Holly1

  11. Hi bloggers ,

    My most favourite memories of 2013 would have to be having fun with my friends on Book Week , Sovereign Hill camp and Confirmation .

    I didn’t actually like the activities we did with our buddies for book week and liked how it was always run , but I liked getting dressed up and having a great time with my friends .
    I dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Lucia dressed up as a mime . It was really fun taking photos and just mucking around .

    On our camp my most favourite experience was having our free time and walking around , buying things and talking to the people who worked there. I liked buying things from the Bakery , Sweet Shop and Candle Works .

    My Confirmation Day was very special not just to me but to everyone. We had been preparing for the day for months and when it finally came I was nervous , excited and a bit worried . All the girls looked really pretty and the church was jam packed with family and friends .

    I’m not really looking forward to next year because I will basically be in a huge school full of strangers. I don’t know how many people have told me ‘it’s ok everybody else is on the same boat .’ But it doesn’t really help me . My orientation day is in January and I am not looking forward to anything to do with High school. The only thing I am looking forward to is having a fresh start. I don’t understand why I can’t just have the same friends and same routine ! But I guess you have to move on at some point .
    From Maddie

  12. Dear bloggers,
    What are your favourite memories of the 2013 school year and why?

    I loved going to camp because it was so fun and we did lots of fun things and we went to Sovereign hill as everyone already knows. I had so much fun going to the red hill mine because we got to go in the dark and you could on keep walking if the light turn on and if you crept walking before the light turned on you will get lost. When we were going through the mine we got to see the second biggest piece of gold that they found in the world. I also liked it when we got buy lots of lollies and other thing. I also enjoyed it when went into the education centre and we got to try on the dresses the ladies wore in the olden days.

    Another thing I liked was the police band because it was just like a concert it was so good because we got to go in the front of the stage and dance to the songs they sang and it was really cool because there was only lady and she was dancing the most and I liked it because there was a guy who was controlling the sound and when the lady was speaking he changed her voice to a chipmunk voice.

    From Neha

  13. Dear Readers,
    My name is Jack, and today I’ll be telling you my most memorable memory’s of the 2013 school year. The memory that I’ll remember the most is probably when I gave my school captain speech to St. Elizabeth’s. Something that I’ll remember about that is when there was an error and my name was taken off the school captain list, I’ll probably always remember that. I was nervous at first, but in the end I gave the speech and a lot of people liked it.

    I’ll always remember running the cross country this year, in the end I came 4th for the school, at the start I thought I was going to do very bad. But I surprised myself by doing that by coming in a very good position. My brother also surprised me when he came first, my mouth was wide open, staring at him, wondering how he had become so good.

    This year I really liked going to athletics, I came first for long jump and hurdles, second for 100m and relay, and third for shot put. The most memorable part of hurdles was in my first heat and I jumped the first hurdle, but my foot hit it and I tripped over. I had grazes all over me, but I got up and continued the race. I ended up drawing with someone and then winning the finals ( in the 100m I won but the teacher thought that someone else did so they gave it to him ).

    The most important thing that I’ve learnt this year is probably, learning how to give a speech. When I become older I’ll probably have to give a few speeches, so now that I have done a speech then I’ll know what to expect.

    The most interesting thing that I’ve done this year was going to Sovereign hill for camp. I did so many interesting things at camp like going gold panning, the red hill mine tour, the sweet making and the gold pouring. They were all exiting, but my favourite was the gold pouring, a guy ( I forgot his name ) showed us how to make a gold bar worth $140,000. He also had a sense of humour when he pretended to burn himself.

    Next year I’m looking forward to maybe being a school captain ( if I get the job ), or a house captain. I’m also looking forward to being in the class with one of the new teachers, Miss Kootramanas. Something I’m not looking forward to is the friends that I have in grade 6 are leaving.
    From Jack

  14. Dear Blog,

    My favourite memory of 2013 were the people in my class for the year. The people in my learning community were fun and positive to talk and work with. Near the start of term 3, Rohaan joined the St. Elizabeth’s and the 4AP community. Once he came he fit in with the rest of the class and not stand out all that much. This was a learning experience for me as it made me think how do I treat students that are new to our school and it also made me think about how people treated me when I came to this school in grade 4.

    Footsteps at the start of the year was enjoyable as it made us all work up a sweat and it also prepared us all for Cross Arts. Footsteps was an experience for us to work differently with our feet and hands.
    Even though I did not take a dance role in Cross Arts, I still had to dance in act three.

    The Picnic Sport day our P.E teacher set up was one of the most looked forward to events. In the cross country I remember overtaking someone for fourth place in the last sprint to the finish. I remember the ribbons I got, but none of them were first place. I remember how hard it was for me in cross country because the previous day, I got stitches out of my head.

    At camp it was interesting to learn about the past and about how to pan for gold. In our cabins it was very noisy as the other students were not at home or at school, so they went crazy! The Blood on The Southern Cross show was loud and we had to wait for the sun to set but it was worth it.

    Next year I am looking forward to the new subjects I will be doing. Next year I will have people in my class that I know, and there will be lots of laughs. Things will never be the same again.

    From Rob.

  15. Dear Bloggers,

    My most favourite memories of 2013 are when we were finding out our classes for 2013 and I got into Mrs Popowycz class. I ran up to Shannon and asked her what class she was in. We were so excited as it was our first time in the same class since grade 2.

    Another one of my exciting memories were when we found out our buddies. I’ve had fun with my buddy, showing her around, making new friends and feeling good about coming to school. One of my favourite memories of 2013 was Summer Inter School Sports I played Basketball and was in a team with my friends and I had a lot of fun playing it. We had a good, trustworthy team who always worked together.

    Another special memory was making my confirmation I was so happy to receive the Holy Spirit and become an adult Christian to take control of my own faith. I also liked receiving confirmation as I had support from family and friends that helped me through the journey of being confirmed.

    My most important learning I’ve done this year is to have trust in yourself and stand up for what I know is right.

    What am I looking forward to next year?

    Next year I am looking forward to making new friends, starting a fresh year, finding out all about high school, getting to know my new teacher and most of all learning new things.

    From Bianca

  16. Dear Bloggers

    My favourite memories in 2013 was when we went to camp at sovereign hill because we learned lots about Australian history and we saw an oversized golden nugget and we found gold in the gold panning creek. My other favourite thing of 2013 was athletics because we did hurdles, long jump, shot put, discuss and more. The second last thing that I liked of 2013 was making the stained glass jelly and it was very sweet and tasty after we finished making it. My last thing that I liked of 2013 was the trip to Lysterfield because we did fun religious activities and we played with two dogs there.

    The thing that I am looking forward at high school is to be involved in lots of stuff at Nazareth and to get no detention.

    From Jayden

  17. Dear bloggers,

    My favourite thing I did in 2013 was Sovereign Hill camp because I learnt a lot about Australian history and I got to do everything at Sovereign Hill. I also found 10 pieces of gold and got to see what the children played. I also learnt how hard it was to learn at school. I have learnt how dangerous it was to mine for gold because of the cane inns and floods.

    The most important thing I learnt this year was how the government works. I learnt about the three levels of government local,state and federal. I learnt what the three Level of government controls what. And that the Federal tells the Local and State what laws to make and how to do things.

    The most interesting thing that I did this year was the science works excursion. I learnt how liquid nitrogen can freeze different things and is so hard it can be used as a tool and can contract metal. I have learnt that friction can power energy. I have also learnt that different metals can power even better then other metals.

    The thing am looking forward to next year is working with my new teacher and helping the year fives with learning how to use the iPad. I am also looking forward to working as a whole level 4 group and not as a community. I am also looking forward to working with the grade 5’s and with my friends to learn new things.

    From Evan

  18. Dear 5/6AP,
    We have done so much this year, it makes me sad to leave primary after having such an amazing time this whole year. What really surprised me was that how fast the year has gone past. But I have a whole number of favourite things that I absolutely loved!

    What I really loved about this year was Sovereign hill camp! It was really fun, even though could stay there for only one night everyone had a great time and we had done a whole bunch of activities. What I really enjoyed was the gold panning, I had found a lot of gold. I had also found the biggest piece of gold for 5/6VA! I also loved the red hill mine tour.

    I think that everything that we did this year was learning since we have done so much and I think that everything was learning for me. But if I had to choose it would definitely be my maths since I feel as if I have been able to improve my maths.

    What I found interesting this year was the Silverton presentation since we have done so much work for a short presentation.

    I am also looking forward to next since I will be in highschool!


  19. Dear Bloggers,

    What are your favorite memories of 2013? And why?

    One of the memories that I will always remember about this year, is when miss Lubin read out my teachers name for 2013, and the people in my class. I was exited about it. I was exited because I was with some of the people that I new and some people I didn’t. The people that I didn’t know I’ve made friends with. I will also remember all the fun times that I’ve had this year with every one. But one of the things that I will always remember is all the amazing friends that I’ve made this year.

    What’s the most important learning you’ve done this year? Why do you think this is the most important?

    The most important learning that I’ve done this year would be my division. I didn’t know how to do it last year, my mum and teacher last year were trying to teach me but I never got it. So that’s one of the big things in maths that I have learnt this year. It’s important to know this because we have to use it in every day life.

    From Alana

  20. Dear Bloggers,

    I have many memories from 2013, but one of my favourites would have to be when I was given my buddy. I had so much fun attending so many activities with them like bookWeek and many others! It was great having a buddy this year and being able to guide them through their first year at St.Elizabeths.

    Another exciting moment was when I found out I had Miss Ash again for the new school year. I was so happy and excited because I knew that I would have such a great opportunity to learn so many new things! I was right as I have learnt so much in the past two years with Miss Ash. It was great hearing the many funny, happy stories that she had to tell, and I also loved the way she read stories with so much expression!

    I was also very excited to go to Sovereign Hill camp! I was especially happy when I found out I was with most of my friends in my cabin! Camp is an activity I will remember for years to come!

    Getting a lead role as Beauty for our Cross Arts performance was another great highlight of the year! I was so glad to have that opportunity to perform as that character on stage in front of so many people!

    One last memory would be the year six Lysterfield Reflection Day. It was a great chance for just the grade sixes to get together to reflect on their catholic or other religious faith.

    One of the biggest things I learnt this year was to keep your friends close, as friendships aren’t always going to last forever unless you make them!

    I’m mostly looking forward to next year because it will be a brand new experience being at HighSchool and making even more friends!

    From Lucia

  21. Dear Bloggers,

    My favourite memory of the 2013 school year was Book Week. -Which was when every student is allowed to come to school in costumes and outfits of book characters. It was such a great day to guess what the other students are dressed up as and to come to school wearing a costume instead of wearing the school uniform. I really enjoyed this day acne I hope that next year the costumes will be more creative.

    The things that I will be looking to next year is the class I will be in for next year. I hope that I will be able to get along with my classmates for next year and that I will have a great year with them.

    From Cecilia.

  22. Dear Bloggers,

    My greatest memory of the year was going to Nazareth College for the police band performance. It was the last time they ever did it. We had to walk there and back, but this experience was totally worth it. When we got there we were all sitting down and weren’t over exited, but when everyone started dancing around like monkeys it was one of the best experiences of my life.

    Another fantastic memory this year was at Sovereign Hill camp. It was the first camp I had ever been on and probably one of the best I will ever go on. My favourite place to go was the Bowling Saloon. The best thing about camp was spending time with all my friends and experiencing new things.

    The most important thing I have learnt this year is how to correctly do ordering of operations using BODMAS. Last year everyone worked it out a totally different way to how we did it this year. It took me a while to get used to it but I learnt it eventually.

    The most interesting thing I have done this year is is the real rules to basketball. For summer inter-school sports I was in the basketball team. We learnt all the rules and tricks to the game. My favourite part was working together with my teammates to try wind win the game.

    Next year I am looking forward to being in year six and working with different people. I have new class mates and a different teacher it will take a long tim to work with a different teacher and new friends.

    From Perry

  23. Dear Bloggers,

    My favourite memories of 2013 is the science work excursion. The science work excursion was fun and learning combine and it’s fun to play around with different things. Bolts from the blue was amazing show how they created lighting and how to not get shocked from lighting. A other she was the cool stuff show. My favourite part about it was when Daniel froze a banana with liquid nitrogen and it became a Hammer. One of the fun part was the sport area, how you can play sports and do fun games. One of my favourite games was 3D soccer and snowboarding.

    My favourite memories of 2013 is sovereign hill camp. The sovereign hill camp was fun because level 4 get to see the blood on the Southern cross. The shows was amazing all three of them was fun to watch. A other thing was the gold mine tour, it was fun to go underground and the mine look real, my favourite part was looking at the gold nugget. The most fun things was freedom time. It was the best playing and buying things with friends.

    The most important learning was nap plan because it’s a test and it know want you know about numeracy and literacy and your teacher teach you that thing you don’t know about. A other thing was saint project because it is a project and you get scores and what you did well In the project.

    What I’m looking forward to next year is meeting new people and my new teacher.
    I would like to meet new people and get to know them and what game they like to play. A other thing I’m looking forward to next year is my teacher. I want to get to know her and what she likes. I’m looking forward to learn new things and go on excursion and camp.

    From Jimmy

  24. Dear Bloggers,
    One of my favourite memories of 2013 was my first camp. The camp was located at Sovereign Hill and was based on how it looked liked during the Gold Rush. This is one of my favourite memories because of the many things they had there to do and also it was fun to spend time with my friends and class mates. The experience was also my favourites because I got to do things that I haven’t done before or I don’t do usually do.

    The most important thing I learnt was about science because this was the first year I have ever done science in class. I have learnt about science in cooking and states of change .I have also learned different names for things such as solids, liquids, volume, properties and gases.

    I am looking forward to next year because of the new teachers.I am happy with my teacher is Miss A and my new class.I am istrested to see how working as a level is going to work.

    From Jessica

  25. Dear 4AP,

    My most favourite memories of 2013 is:

    when we did our performing art play called beauty is the beast because I had to sing saidy the cleaning lady in front of hundreds of people which helped me face my fears of speaking in front of crowds. I also liked when we did athletics because I got to go in districts for triple jump but I didn’t go the the next one. I also really liked when we went to science works because I love science and at science works the was science everywhere. The last thing I liked about 2013 was the Sovereign Hill Camp even though I fell in the gold panning river everything else was fun Like the sweet making and the horses. I think.

    the most important learning I did was when I learnt how to speak in front of crowds with the beauty is a beast play we did.

    The most interesting thing I did this year is the science works because there were so many interesting things there.

    The things I’m looking foreword to next year is the grade six camp because this year the grade sixes are going to the beach

    From Tass

  26. Dear Bloggers

    My favourite memory of 2013 would be Sovereign Hill camp. It was very fun my favourite bit was Blood On The Southern Cross show. I learnt a lot on camp.

    the most important thing I learnt would be how to do BODMAS. Last year I thought it had to be division then multiplication now I know it can be multiplication then division. I think if I didn’t learn that I would be getting every answer wrong.

    The most interesting thing we did would be making the stained glass jelly. I mist the first lesson it was still fun. The best bit is eating it.

    The thing I’m looking forward to next year is making new friends. I have a lot of friends already but some of them are leaving.

    From Jack

  27. Dear Everyone,
    My favourite memories of 2013 was confirmation because it was a special time of year because i was getting confirmed and it was a blessing. I was also good because we had to practice a lot before the real day. I also got a chance to take up the gifts was taking up the gifts so that was good.

    The most important thing I learnt for 2013 was elapsed time because when I learnt it I was practising at home. I believe that was a great achievement. Because at the start I wasn’t that good with elapsed time but then I got the hang of it and the teacher started giving us hard ones and I got every one right.

    The most interesting was the Sovereign Hill Camp the Blood on the Southern Cross show because it was a light and sound show and you just had to listen to the voices. It was cool because every time someone was speaking they would show a light on the place in which they were speaking at.

    I’m looking forward to high school because I want to meet new friends and I’m also excited to do activities and learn new feeling really confident to be going to a new school and doing different things.

    From Shannon.

  28. Dear bloggers

    My most favourite part of the year 2013 was sovereign hill. The reason i liked about Sovereign Hill is the old fashioned buildings. My other favourite thing about Sovereign Hill is the free time we had to go around buy stuff from shops go gold panning, go to the candy store the Waterloo store, hope bakery and horse riding.
    The other thing I liked was the sound and light show. My favourite part of the light show was when the war between the diggers and the British soldiers.

    The other amazing thing I like in the year 2013 was the saints projects. The thing I like about the saints project was the research part and the typing part because I like typing on a computer.

    The most important thing I learnt is how to do Bodmas because I had trouble when we did Bodmas in grade five, because I didn’t know you had to do brackets first in an equation.

    From Andrew3

  29. Dear Everyone
    My favourite moments of 2013 school year would have to be Cross arts because I liked how we did it as a whole level and I also liked what our cross arts was about,beauty is the beast. I also had a good part in beauty is the beast so cross arts was really fun.

    I also liked how the grade 6 went to Lysterfield to learn more about God. When we were at Lysterfield I saw a lot of Nazareth kids to help us , there was also some dogs which I played with.There was a walk to and they talked about god and his creation and they also talked about confirmation and what saints we have chosen.

    I also can’t forget about my confirmation and how prepared for it .I was really excited when I got confirmed by the bishop and I also liked when we took our group photo with all the candidates.I had a good time and I am proud that I got confirmed.

    For next year I am going to be looking forward to camp.I can’t wait for the things we are going to be doing and I am also looking forward to making new friends and learning about new subjects at high school.
    From Molly

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