How would you feel if your vote went missing?

Have you?
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Oliver Hammond via CompfightDuring the election we heard a lot about how important our votes were. So how would you feel if your vote went missing? Well that’s what happened in Western Australia and as Sarah reports some are worried that it might have changed the result of the election.

Watch the BtN clip then comment about how you would feel.

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on “How would you feel if your vote went missing?
9 Comments on “How would you feel if your vote went missing?
  1. Dear every one,
    If my vote went missing I would do something about it because every vote counts. It would be really unfair that your taking time to go and vote and then the party you vote for doesn’t win all because thousands lost there votes!

    From Taylah

  2. Dear Bloggers,

    If I were to lose my vote in the elections I would feel angry and I would be unhappy with the people who made sure that all the papers were in the box. I would feel like there should have to be a new election to make it fair. I would hope that they would make a new system to make sure they wouldn’t lose the votes.

    From Evan

  3. Dear Everyone,

    If I lost my vote it wouldn’t matter that much to me as I don’t really pay attention to the government. I would care much more if the majority of votes were to go missing.

    From Rob

  4. Dear bloggers,

    If my vote went missing I would argue to the government about a revote because if one person was going to win who had the best policy but my vote got lost so to Other person wins who had the worst policy it wouldn’t be fair to the voters. If they found someone rigged it I thing they should go to jail for four years for changing people’s votes.

    From Tass

  5. Dear Bloggers,

    If I lost my vote in a election I would feel mad and angry because I want that person to win bad then some just happen to feels like somebody stole something from you and it’s disappointing to hear that people lose their votes and it’s sad that people might get fine and it’s a lot of money.

    From Jimmy

  6. Dear Bloggers,

    If my vote went missing, I will be very furious and angry that my vote was not counted. It isn’t really fair if another candidate won the election by just one vote or people tied, just one vote might as well change the results of the election. People may steal some votes, but why they would do such a thing?

    From Cecilia

  7. Hello Everyone,

    If my vote was not counted and my vote meant that the party I wanted to lead would win I would be utterly disappointed. If my vote was lost I wouldn’t know. What I want to know is how did they lose the votes?


  8. Dear Bloggers,
    Losing a vote would be disastrous. I would be really angry that I could not vote for my favorite leader to be a prime minister or president. So I am really angry and sad.


  9. Dear 4VA

    If my vote got lost, I wouldn’t really care too much, but in a way it would be pretty annoying. I would also like to know , like Kristen , how the votes got lost.

    From Lucia

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