Eugene Von Guerard ‘Ferntree Tree Gully’

Think about the McCubbin artwork you looked at.

What is different about this painting?

Why do you think it looks different?

Do you think it was painted before or after the Heidleberg School? Why?

What do you think the painting is about? What is it’s story?

What do you notice about the composition of this painting?

Once you have answered these, do some research. What have you found out about this artist or this painting?


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on “Eugene Von Guerard ‘Ferntree Tree Gully’
3 Comments on “Eugene Von Guerard ‘Ferntree Tree Gully’
  1. Dear Bloggers,

    The art work looks amazing and looks like they is a war in the background or they is a person that chopping down trees. This painting is diffentent because the background looks amazing the trees looks real and it look like somebody took a photo.i think the painting was paint after when Eugene Von Gueranrd want to Heidelberg school because it looks so real. The story of the paint is maybe a war happen or somebody needs wood so their chop down trees. What I notice was some trees are chop down the background that looks amazing!

    From Jimmy

  2. Dear Bloggers,

    I think it’s different because there’s no people in it. It looks different because
    it’s like a scene.It was painted before because it looks like a jungle.I think this painting might be about a jungle.The story might be about all the animals and plants in it. I think that everything in the painting was in the right spot.

    From Alana

  3. Dear Bloggers,

    I think this painting looks really good, I think it looks like a Jungle. I think it’s different because there’s no people in the painting. It was painted before the Heidelberg school was built, because of all the trees and because it looks like a Jungle. I think the story is about how it looks like a kind of Jungle and then they build the Heidelberg school. I like how everything is placed in the right places.

    From Alana

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