These are our learning intentions for our history unit;

Describe the significance of people and events in bringing about change.

Identify the causes and effects of change on particular communities.

Identify how and why Australia became a nation.

Describe aspects of the past that remained the same.

We will be working on these learning intentions as a community with our teachers will a focus on the Gold Rush as a significant event that changed the Australian community and will travel to Soveriegn Hill as part of this learning.

But we will also be showing our teachers through our ERP (Educational Research Project) that we can meet these learning intentions looking at other significant events, peoples or groups that we as individual are already interested in. This will help us deepen our learning.

Below are our initial ideas on how to link what we are interested in with the 4 general learning intentions.

Please read and give feedback!


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23 Comments on “HISTORY ERP
  1. Dear Bloggers,

    My interest is foxes and dingos.

    The learning intentions I am going to link my interest to is: Describe aspects that remain the same and identify the causes and effects of change on particular communities. The reason why I chose only two intentions is because I don’t really think that I can be able to relate my interest to these.

    I am going to look at how these two carnivores effect Australian communities especially farmers with livestock such as hens and chickens, if the population of these animals are the same, increased or decreased then compared to the population when they were first introduced to Australia. I ‘m also going to describe how and why foxes and dingos have been a ‘pest’ to many farmers. Another thing that I want to find out is if the damage of property is cause by these animals when they dig into the ground has increased by a great amount or thrice the amount.


  2. Dear Everyone,

    My interests is books.

    I will be looking how books first got to Australia. Without the British bring books like journals and maps we would not have any. How and why did they bring books? Is there a reason they brought books? Has it changed lives?

    Things have stayed the same. Journals, maps and other things. Are journals still used the same or differently? Are maps now bigger pr smaller? Is there any other pieces of writing or books that are still the same?

    I am also finding things that have changed. Are the aboriginals are now using books to record things? Who decided to makes books educational, interesting and fun? What would happen if the British didn’t bring books?

    These are the thing I am investigating about. Thank you for reading.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    My interest is politics – Debating and Government.

    I am going to start off by finding out what political events changed Australian/Victorian communities and how it brought about change. So far I found out that the Labour Party was unhappy with Kevin Rudd’s leadership which led them to Julia Guilard who was his replacement. This event triggered a lot of other things because she was the first female Prime Minister of Australia and she was being criticised on things that didn’t matter. They would comment on her clothing instead of her leadership and all because she was female. This is the only information I have now but I will I have more when I do more research. If you have any information that could help me please reply.


    • Dear Kristen,
      Your interest looks really interesting, I agree with you they did comment on what she would where. What I don’t understand was why did they Choose Her, and then they went off and commented on what she ware and how she acted.

      From Alana

  4. Dear 4AP,

    My interest is technology (television).

    My learning intention for my interest is to describe the significance of people and events in bringing about change and I’m going to describe how the invention of television changed the Australian community and I’m going to look at how it changed the way people lived in the past and the way people are now.

    From Jayce

  5. Dear 4va,

    My interest is aboriginal culture.

    I am going to describe the significance of people and events in change because Aboriginals were the first people on our land, but when the English came to Australia they had a big impact on the Aboriginals. I am also oing to describe how the English people made the Aboriginals I’ve there land. That caused a huge fight.

    I am going to describe how Aboriginal culture has effected Australian communities with there traditions. I am also going to explain how Aboriginals have effected Australian communities by the way they create their art. Some ways they create their art are dot painting and line painting. Most of art contains symbols of their culture.

    I am going to explain how aspects from the past have remained the same like how Aboriginals have traditions that still remain the same such as dreamtime. Their dreamtime story’s are all about animals and how they created the world. They also have traditional days such as sorry day. Sorry day is when the people who came to our land didn’t except the Aboriginals because of their skin colour.

    From Perry

  6. Dear Bloggers,
    My interest is design.

    I am going to describe the significance of designing a city compared to a city evolving. For example, the city of Sydney evolved or grew because it was where the Foirst Fleet landed. Melbourne also evolved but their were sta=rategic design choice made about the CBD grid and Canbverra was designed from scratched before people really lived there.
    I want to describe the signficance of Europeans claiming the land for themselves (Terra Nulius) on the aboriginal communities that already lived here. What caused Europeans to claim the land when people clearly lived and how has this effected the aboriginal communities over time.

    I am also interested in researching the effect of building roads etc (infrastructure) on communities.

    By Elli
    (With Miss Ash’s help)

  7. Dear 4AP

    My interest is Automobiles(tram)

    I want to identify the cause and effects of change on particular communities by investigating why they build the tram lines and how that changed peoples lives.

    I will describe the significance of people and events like Sir Robert Rissom who convinced Melbourne to keep the tram lines when everyone got cars and other cities got rid of their trams.

    From Andrew3

    (Edited by Miss Ash)

    • Hi Andrew,

      I don’t have any information to give you but I can give you my advice and feedback. I think your topic is simple but if you research deep enough it could be quite detailed. It might be a good idea to write question about your ideas so when you research you know what you are looking for.


  8. Dear 5/6 VA,
    My interest is issues.

    I am going to identify the causes and effects on the Indigenious community. I am going to look at how Australia has changed due to the British taking the Indigenous’ land. I am also going to find the cause and effects on the following events .In the Stolen Generation, Indigenous were stolen from their own families and now live with no clue who their parents are .Later on in 2008, Kevin Rudd apologized about the Stolen Generation. This was a big deal to Indigenous but some rejected this apology.

    I will also describe how Gold Rush has changed Australia. I am going to describe what the difference is before and after the gold rush. Before not many people knew what Australia was apart from the British and so during the Gold Rush more people came and knew about Australia. After the Gold Rush Australia then came multicultural.

    From Jessica

  9. Hi Bloggers,

    My interest is games.

    I’m going to describe the cause and effects on communities, I’m going to look into the creation of board games, and sports to find out the cause and effects, for the aboriginals and everyone else. I’m going to see if there were different laws at the time, for example if kids couldn’t play sports outside or if they were limited to what the can play, maybe even what games people played back in the day.

    I’m also going to describe the aspects of the past that remain the same now. I’m going to find out what kind of games or sports did evepryone play then and still play now? What were the rules in games that remain the same?

    This is all I am going to research for this project.


    • Hi Dan,
      Your learning intentionas are not very clear and you need to be a lot more specific about what you are going to do. If you are going to identify the causes and effects of a change on a community you need to know what the change was and who the community is exactly. The laws or more likely sociaety rules (they are slightly different) might be the cause of the change and the effect is then what happened because of the law.

      For example, you could look at how girls being allowed to were pants has effected womens participation in sport. So the community you are looking at is women, the change is that women used to be only allowed to wear dresses (not a LAW but a social rule), the cause of teh change would be what happened that meant women were allowed to wear pants and the effect would be whether women started playing games that used to be games only boys could play.

      You could then look at whether their are games that girls have always been able to play and still do as well as games that boys have always been able to play and still do AND games that both boys and girls liked to play in the past and STILL DO!

      Hope that helps,
      Miss Ash

  10. Dear 4AP,

    My interest is Camping

    I’m going to describe the aspects of the past that remain the same. I’m going to explain where you can still camp. Also what places where you can’t camp and why you can’t camp there? I want to find out the places you can’t camp anymore and why. E.g. – you can’t camp there anymore because, trees have fallen down or because the government said you can’t because it’s dangerous, or because they want to build something there. One of the places that I know you can still camp is in Rosebud. By the end of this researching I’m going to be able to describe the laws that have stayed the same in Australia’s national parks.

    My next topic that I’m going to do is. Identify the causes and effects of change on particular communities. I’m going to explain the communities that have changed. It might affect the wild life because the trees might have fallen down, or the government had to cut down the trees. It might also affect the many people who camp in areas because the government might of made them pay more or they might have said that they don’t want us to camp in these areas anymore. The thing that I’m going to research is the names of these communities. By the end of all this researching I’m going to be able to identify the causes and effects that have changed on particular communities of camping.

    from Alana

    • Hi Alana,

      Your learning intention are a little bit unclear. I think you need to start by looking at changes to the use of public land (describe significant events in creating change) – the creation of National parks for people recreation. In the 1950s people didn’t camp for fun but because they lived in tents on the goldfields it was often their only form of shelter, so WHEN did camping become a recreation – something you do for fun? What was the CAUSE of National Parks being set aside and how did creating National Parks EFFECT the Australian communities? Were their any communities that had to leave because a National Park was declaired?

      Miss Ash

  11. Dear 4AP and Bloggers

    My interest is the environment and I will describe aspects of the past that remained the same about environment.

    People are cutting down trees and it’s heartbreaking that animals lose their home. Their are lots of animal that lost homes by fires,cutting trees and pollution. In the past people cut down trees and hurt animals and in the present people still do it! I hate to see animals sad and just walking around and trying to find food and shelter.People are damaging the environment and spray panting trees and burning plants and killing them. Mostly teenage burn plants and people just damaging other people gardens that they love and pulling roots out and then just dump it in the water and pollution . people dump wrappers and other things in the water and damaging lakes and it’s sad that fish dies because of people and lots of people pollution waters.I always see people pollution and damaging lakes it’s heartbreaking to see people doing silly things to our environment.

    From Jimmy

    • Hi Jimmy,
      You need to do a bit more work on your learning intentions rather than just tell us what you already know. You need to use one of the first two learning intentions to start out THEN have a look at what might have stayed the same.

      If you are interested in the envirnoment and animal habitat in particular you could look at how the woodchopping industry has been effected by changes to conservation laws. What changes were made? Why were they made? This would be the CAUSE. How did this EFFECT communities that lived in these areas and where people were employed to log trees. Are there any areas where logging laws/rules haven’t changed? Do these areas still have communities living there? If not, why not? If teh communities are bigger, why?

      Have a think about it and repost,

      Miss Ash

  12. Dear 4AP,

    My interest is architecture.

    I’m going to describe how certain people have built changes around the Australian community by building. Some things I want to look at are the effects if a building made of a different material. I want to look at some famous building designers that were Australian born.

    My next learning intention is to find the significance of the changes include jobs for people as these buildings could possibly be workplaces such as offices. The design of as Melbourne were built on designs of other countries were important as they made mistakes for Australian architects to learn. Some buildings like The Sydney Oprah House are made into landmarks that change how other countries see us. By the end of this unit I will learn about how different buildings brought about change.

    My last learning intention is to find aspects of the past that are the same are things like archways and pillars used in buildings. Another aspect I will look at is the materials that are used to build. I also want to look at what happens to a building if I change some materials in the building. By the end of this lesson I will learn to identify buildings that use the same materials or methods that are the same as older buildings.

    These are my learning intention.
    From Robert.

    • Sounds fantastic Robert and I look forward to seeing your project as Architecture is a love of mine. If you struggle to find significant architects you might like to look at significant events that changed architecture. I remember from my university studies that the war significantly change building design because many materials were simply not available anymore. When you look at things that haven’t changed make sure you find out WHY they haven’t changed. What is it about a archways that makes it as popular in building now as it was in Roman times!
      Good luck,
      Miss Ash.

  13. Dear Bloggers,
    My interest is travelling.
    The learning intention for me is is to identify how and why Australia became a nation. I’m going to describe how did the first fleet came, how did they find Australia , how long it took to come to Australia and what were the conditions of the boat.

    From Joanne

    • Dear Joanne,
      Since your interest is travelling you could look at migration itself!
      You could describe the significance of people, or a group of people eg. British settlers, migrating to Australia and identify the cause and effects of the change. So migration itself is the cause of the change on the Australian community and in the British case the cause would be all things we talked about that were happening in Britain (life was pretty miserable for the poor) and the effect on the community might be the effect on the aboriginal community so…introduction of disease!

      Have a think about what group of people you might be interested in researching as well as what community they have effected and then repost!
      Miss Ash

  14. Dear 4VA,

    My interest is Greek culture.

    I am going to link my interest to Australian history by finding out how Greece and their culture has changed or shaped our country. I already know lots about Greek culture, but I would like to know his many Greeks traveled or immigrated to Australia. This would lead to how they effected Australia and which of their customs or traditions influenced us. I know one reason they effected our country, which was sharing their food and recipes, which is why there are lots of souvlaki and Greek restaurants. I would like to also find another way that I could link my interest to at least one more learning intention. So It would be great if you could leave me some comments including some tips or ideas!

    From Lucia

  15. Dear Bloggers

    Mu interest is the environment and I’m going to identify the cause and effect of change on particular communities.

    I’m going to find out how people destroy the environment like burning them and pulling roots out.people writing on the trees like writing who their love.im going to find out how people start bush fire sometimes people just won’t to burn the plants and trees so their burn it.

    From Jimmy

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