Hi Bloggers, this term, 4VA have been working on writing narratives. The theme was losing someone that we love or something very important. Here are our stories that we have written.

below, are some things you can comment:

– warm feedback

– constructive/cool feedback

– things that you thought were very descriptive

– any spelling or punctuation errors or mistakes

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37 Comments on “SHORT STORIES – LOST
  1. Dear Boggers,

    this is my story.
    Lost my phone I went crazy

    It was a bright sunny afternoon as I was playing on I IPhone 4s. I was
    waiting to go out to lunch with my family and friends. I was extremely
    hungry I couldn’t wait any longer. Finally my parents called for us to go
    me and my brother ran out and I left my phone on my bed I was to hungry to
    even care where I put my phone.

    After we finished our lunch we came home and I forgot where I put my
    phone. I started to panic I was so scared I ran around the house trying to
    find my phone. Unfortunately I forgot to check my room. I felt as if I was having a
    heart attack, I was shocked and terrified that I lost my phone. It was so
    freaky I almost feel unconscious.

    I double checked the house again
    missing my room I didn’t want to tell my parents because I knew what they
    would do. I was so desperate to find my
    phone I didn’t want to lose it. I had a thought that my brother had taken
    but then I remembered he was in his room the whole time.

    I retraced my steps until I reached the beginning. This was in my room I
    started my search I really hoped it would be in my room and I didn’t want
    to lose it. As I was about to give up I searched my bed and found it. I
    was so relieved I calmed down and I was really tired from searching. I
    also was now really hungry.

    I laid on my bed and fell asleep I woke up and it was night time I
    couldn’t wait to have dinner. I was just about to leave when I remembered
    to put my phone somewhere safe. I ran out and had dinner.

    by Evan

    • Hi Evan,

      I liked your storyline and your description. There were some grammar mistakes though. There was on sentence that mentioned you and your brother and you wrote “me and my brother” not my brother and I. Other than that great job.


    • Hi Evan,
      I thought your story was really descriptive.
      I liked how you used words like unconscious and retraced.
      I think that you need to work on your spelling because in the first sentence of the story I found a mistake instead of writing “It was a bright sunny afternoon as I was playing on my iPhone 4s.” you wrote It was a bright sunny afternoon as I was playing on I iPhone 4s.
      Other than that it was fantastic.
      From Perry

    • Dear Evan,

      Some parts of the story I liked were parts where you retraced your steps and used enough description to give me an image of where you were going.

      Some parts you could work on is your description, there is enough but your story could improve if you could add some more description.

      From Robert.

    • Dear Evan,

      I really enjoyed reading your story I thought it was really great. I like the way you really explained how you felt.
      I think that you could work on your description of the settings because you didnt really describe the place/s that you were in.

      kind regards,

  2. Narrative: The Lost Child

    One spooky Halloween night my friends, my family and I went trick or treating. I wore a terrifying vampire costume and most of my friends did as well. We went to all the houses in our street, and got so many lollies. We were really tired, but exited at the same time. The last house we went to was my grandpas house.

    He told us to come in and watch television. He was watching ” The Spooky Curse Of Halloween”. Since it was Halloween it was a bit scarier than it usually is. My grandpa talked to all of my friends and learnt their names. He then asked me where my sister was. I said she was right in front of him and pointed to her…but she wasn’t there.

    We looked all over the house, she wasn’t there. We looked in every street she wasn’t there. We even looked at the park down the road but she was no where to be found. Since we had all left our phones at home we asked grandpa if we could use his phone to call the police. He said it was broken and he needed to get a new one.

    We zoomed back to our house to call the police. We had to run three blocks to get there. As soon as we got there we went in to my sisters bedroom since she used the phone last, but when we got there….we found my sister. She said that we left without her and she was to scared to catch up by herself. We told her her that we looked everywhere for her, but mum told her that since we were all safest was okay. So we all sat in the living room, shared our lollies and watched ” The Spooky Curse Of Halloween”.

    From Perry

    • Hello Perry,

      I really enjoyed reading your story. I found it really interesting as you repeated words to give it an effect. I saw some small mistakes that might’ve happened while you were typing. You wrote exited but I think you meant excited. But overall I really enjoyed your story and I think you did a great job.


    • Dear Perry

      I realy liked your description like a terrifying vampire. I also liked that your sentences and it was the right size for a sentence. I thought you could have double checked your work, because the were some spelling mistakes in your last paragraph.

      By Evan

    • Dear Perry,
      I really liked the way that you added lots of description about many things.I also liked how you said “terrifying vampire” it really made me imagine you in a scary vampire costume!There were many things that were really interesting and some parts what made me think “whats going to happen next?.”

      There were a few spelling mistakes that probaly were typos.
      good job!

      From Taylah

  3. Hello Everyone,

    This is my short story. Enjoy!

    The Case of the Missing Keys

    The bell for the last period of the day has gone and I can finally go home
    and get ready for the party my friend is hosting tonight which I’m really
    looking forward to. I had been sitting down in class all day drinking my
    water, writing things down and listening to the teacher. I drank so much
    water today I was busting to go to the toilet. “Now you’re probably
    thinking why I didn’t go to the toilet earlier, right? We’ll you’re right.
    I could’ve gone to the toilet earlier but I was busy finishing my homework
    that is due tomorrow, during my lunch breaks. Oh, and I forgot to tell you
    my name is Monica.” By now I was making my way to the girl’s bathroom
    which has five toilets but only one works and there is usually a queue,
    and as I thought there was a queue but luckily it was short. There was
    only a few people waiting but I could hold it.

    I was wrong. There was one more person to go and I couldn’t hold it. The
    door opened and a girl stepped out and left. The toilet door was open
    ready for someone else to use. The girl in front was about to walk in but
    instead I jumped in front of her and went to the toilet. Once I locked
    the door I took my bag off and when I finished I sighed with relief. I
    flushed the toilet, grabbed my bag and walked out of the cubicle after I
    unlocked it. I took my keys out, so that when I arrived home they would
    already be in my hand, and put them on the bench next to the sink I was
    using. In the corner of my eye I saw the clock and immediately I realised
    I had to go, and I didn’t want to be late for the party. So I grabbed my
    bag and raced out of the bathroom.

    I dodged all the students in my way, ran out the front door of the school
    and crossed the very quiet road. I ran and ran until I could see my home
    in the distance and then I ran faster. I arrived at my front door and
    started frantically searching for my keys, not realising I took them out
    so I had them in my hand when I came home. I searched my pockets, my bag
    and even the floor just to see if I dropped them. They were nowhere to be
    found. Eventually I realised that I took them out and placed them on the
    bench next to the sink… in the girl’s bathroom at school!

    “The girl’s bathroom!” I cried. I dropped my bag there and then and raced
    back to school. I had to dodge the students again. “What are they still
    doing here? I mean don’t they have other things to do?” I asked myself. I
    ran into the girl’s bathroom to find on the bench next to the sink I had
    used earlier to find my keys sitting there waiting for me. I snatched them
    off the bench and left the bathroom, dodged the students and ran out the
    front door of the school, crossed the still quiet road and raced back to
    my front door where my bag was as I left it. I unlocked the door grabbed
    my bag and went inside. I threw my bag against the wall went upstairs and
    got ready. I had around fifteen minutes to get ready and about five
    minutes later my transport arrived. I arrived at the party and
    had a great time.

    By Kristen

    • Dear Kristen,

      I liked how your story was at a high school and I think it’s great that you took on a different kind of genre, as you usually do fantasy or horror!

      Some things that you could work on is the way your sentences were written. I personally thought they had a bit too much in them which made me a bit confused in some parts. Especially the second last sentence in the first paragraph. Another thing is when you suddenly put talking marks. The way I read meant that she was talking to herself when she was introducing herself. Also, just one last thing, maybe you could have written less about her going toilet? Just thought I’d point that out, kindly.

      But anyway, it was a good story with lots of detail and an interesting storyline!

      From Lucia

      • Hi Lucia,

        Thanks for the feed back. You said I didn’t really need talking marks when I was introducing the character. Well, that part was my character speaking to the reader and it wasn’t quite obvious but I thought it was easy to tell they they were talking to the reader. Obviously not.


    • Dear Kristen,

      I have a little bit more constructive feedback for you.
      Well, I the first paragraph it went from present to past tense so maybe you should double check for the correct tense.

      I also have some more warm feedback. I liked the words you used to make your story more interesting!

      From Lucia

  4. Dear Bloggers,

    This is my short story,

    Cold and Lonely Hearts

    It was the first day of Spring, when my large family and I decided to visit a new shopping centre called Anima Shopping Centre. In my family, there was my impossibly tall mother, father, my three irritating and naughty younger brothers and sister, my old and frail grandmother and my cold-hearted older sister. No one really volunteered to push my grandma on her brand new wheelchair, so I had no choice but to push her all around the massive shopping centre. It felt like being locked in an iron maiden since my family spent hours buying useless items in many shops. The longer my family spent walking, talking and buying clothes in the shopping centre, the more tired I got and harder it was to push the wheelchair.

    It felt like days when my bossy mother said it was time to buy lunch. (She took more then half an hour to decide what she would eat most of the time.) I was extremely exhausted by then, not being able to even lift a finger. I rested against an iron pole, trying to catch my breath, while grandma’s wheelchair was near the stairs, next to my silent sister. My grandmother did not seem too bothered to have a rest; she was more gleeful and excited when I was pushing her around the shopping centre.

    My dull, boring family was taking way too much time, so I walked to the rest of my family without thinking about anything else outside me. (Although, I think I forgot someone…….) I was so distracted that I did not hear my grandma in her wheelchair, crashing down the stairs, looking as calm as ever. (I still wonder why she was not screaming though. Hmm……)

    I found my family at the chaotic and crowded food court; it was full of people walking in different directions. I decided to find something for lunch until my mother appeared out of nowhere and asked me where I left my silent grandma. I was covered in sweat and my heart was pounding. I forgot everything about grandma! This shopping trip is an absolute disaster!!

    I ran around the crowded shopping centre, my vision was blurry, but I was determined to find my missing grandmother. It was not easy though, there were so many people that I had to shove out of my way. I felt like I was stabbed on the back multiple times, why wouldn’t the rest of the family help me out?! I just remembered where my old grandmother was last seen! I rushed towards the stairs, hoping to see my grandmother fine and in one piece instead of being injured or even worse: dead, but the only thing that was at the bottom of the narrow stairs was grandma’s new, now broken wheelchair. Tears started to pour out of my eyes as if my eyes were a tap being turned on. As I thought of my grandmother, my heart felt cold and lonely as ever.

    Suddenly, a beautiful, slender woman (Around twenty three years old.) appeared out of nowhere, but the strange thing was that the lady was flying! She had white, feathery angel wings and fiery red hair. Luckily, it seems like only I can see her. (At least it didn’t cause a great panic.) She gracefully came down and touched my shoulder, without making a sound.

    “Do not cry young one, I am an angel who your grandmother sent to come to you. Her body and soul has returned to heaven and she was also watching over you since you were a baby.
    Do not feel guilty; it is not your fault. Now, I will take her place and your grandmother will finally rest in peace.” said the kind angel. Her melodic voice rang like ringing bells in my ears.

    “I have erased memories of your grandmother from your family, but I shall tell you this: No matter how bad or painful things happen, you must move on, and live for those that you care for.” added the angel, her hand on my shoulder felt as light as a feather. Her presence felt like my old, loving grandmother.

    “Thank you… Uh, by the way, what is your name?” I asked, but straight away I regretted saying that. At least she didn’t react as I thought she would.

    “Scarlet, my name is Scarlet. I got my name from my red hair.” replied the patient angel, her voice as kind as ever.

    “Okay Scarlet, I hope we will get along quite quickly.” I said, I was grinning and believed that I said that from the bottom of my heart.

    I may miss my gentle, loving grandmother, but I shall move on to the future and live for those that I care deeply for.

    By: Cecilia

    • Dear Cecilia,

      I think your story was really really interesting and I like all the interesting words you used. It was really great to read a story that showed that even when things turn sour, there is always a bright side to it. I have never read any of your stories, and now that I have, I understand why your stories are so long! Your story had a great storyline, good description and great sentence structure and I especially liked the ending!

      I don’t think there was much to work on except that some things in your story weren’t really formal. For example the two exclamation marks.

      From Lucia

  5. I thought I lost my sister… and my new GAME!

    On a bright,hot, sunny day, Josie,Julian and I just came back from the
    shop. My mum told me she had to get food for my dad so I had to look after
    house my sister and my cousin we were at my grandpa house but we didn’t
    know was my sick uncle was sleeping . I was running to the living room to
    play my new game but I just realize that I was holding my old game then my
    cousin said where’s Josie? I said she should be in the living room so we
    checked but she was gone. I Lost my SISTER!!!

    I was panicing like a tornado was coming and my cousin was so scared that
    me ran to the living room and me played his ipad. I had to look for my
    sister. I was looking in every room,under beds and in draws and then the
    bathroom then my cousin told me she has the new game. Then Julian and I
    made a plan Julian had to find the game and I had to find Josie. Julian
    got very scared and ran to the bathroom when I got to the bathroom I
    thought it was Josie but it was Julian.i was angry at Julian but I didn’t
    relize was my sick uncle went to the backyard shed to go see Josie

    Now I’m ALONE and on a mission to find Josie then I heard a scream. I went
    to the shed and found Josie and my uncle.
    So I grab the game and told Julian to came out and had fun. Then my mum
    came to pick me up so I told my mum uncle look after Josie.

    By Jimmy Nguyen

    • Dear Jimmy,
      I liked how you described how the character was struggling to find his sister. But there are some parts that didn’t understand like when it said ‘I had to look after house my sister and my cousin we were at my grandpa house but we didn’t know was my sick uncle was sleeping’, instead of I was had to look after the house, my sinter and my cousin. We were at my grandpas house but we didn’t know if my sick uncle was sleeping. But still good job.

  6. Brother?

    I remember it as clear as crystal. The day my brother almost went missing. His name is James, and at the time he was only four years old. We had gone to ballarat for the weekend, for a visit at Sovereign Hill. My parents, James and I had been enjoying a cheerful day, when my mum decided on the way home that she needed to stop at the supermarket. As she hopped out of the car, she told us all to stay there, but James pestered mum, saying that he wanted to go with her. So I ended up going along too, because anywhere that my brother went, my mum wanted me to go too, just so I could look after him.

    Mum headed for the Coles entrance and grabbed a small, black basket, while, James and I went to the massive lolly shop. The store was filled with rows and rows of lollies and chocolate, and there were stacks of boxes in every corner. “Sweets! Lotsa’ sweets, Amy! I want soommmme” James screeched. “Sorry, but I don’t have any money on me!” I replied apologetically. I wandered off to the tall, sturdy stand full of One Direction merchandise, and fiddled with the cheap looking purses. After minutes of trying to fix a zip I had accidentally broken, I turned around to face a blank wall. And then I realised… James wasn’t there!

    As I frantically stormed from store to store, my eyes stung with tears. Then a wave of fear rushed through me. What if I couldn’t find him? My life would be so miserable! When all of the very few stores had been searched, I panicked. That was it. The day of my funeral. I knew that mum was going to kill me!

    My heart was pounding in my chest, faster and faster, every step I took. When I had approached mum, I sighed so hard, that I thought all the air had come out of me. Shocked and relieved, there was James, at mum’s side, with a huge grin plastered across his face. And within his sweaty, left hand, was a bag of sugary lollies!

    Written by Lucia

    • Dear Lucia,

      The thing that I thought was really descriptive.Was when you said that it might be your funeral day, because you lost your brother and your mum was going to kill you.

      From Alana

  7. Dear Bloggers,

    The Day I Thought That I Had Lost My Cat

    It was a normal sunny hot Saturday morning. I went to go get my black and white adorable cat Rozie, some yummy biscuits and some icy cold water because it was so hot. While I placed the bowl down I didn’t even hear her meow I thought to myself that’s very odd. But I couldn’t believe that she didnt even come up and eat her yummy biscuits that she absolutely loved to eat.

    Then I looked back but she wasn’t in her green warm beanbag. So I decided to go look for her, I looked where the pot plants were , inside, around the back even looked where the chairs were but she was nowhere to be found. I thought I should go look at the front I’d doubt that she’d be their but it is worth a look.

    Guess who I found rolling around in the shade meowing at the front door is. Rozie” I said running up to her and giving her the biggest hug remembering not to squeeze her because she’s only a cat.Then I thought to myself maybe she just wanted to come here because it’s nice and quiet, or maybe because it’s nice and shady. Then I thought I can’t believe that she didn’t even smell her most favourite biscuits.

    I went to go get the brush and brushed her smooth silky fur. After that I played with her more, then befor I left to go back inside I gave her one more big hug. A few minutes later I saw her eating her biscuits and drinking her icy cold water.

    By Alana O

  8. Dear bloggers,

    This is my short story
    My memories… are gone!

    I wake up like a sloth and rotate to crack my back and look at the bright orange digits on my clock. There was still enough time to lie in for a few hours, but today was Wednesday and I needed to say happy birthday to those few people who had theirs yesterday. I made my decision and stumbled out of bed. My mum was too lazy to get up even after I finished packing for school.
    I stepped into the car and awaited my seven-minute journey to school. Looking through to left window was plain boring everyday as there was nothing to look at besides other people going to school on foot or on wheels. The car came to a halt to park in front of the school, I waited for a bit, then stepped out and made my way to the church steps, where I see Ethan and David. We headed into class.
    Our first block of maths wasn’t too bad, learning about powers and indices. LOTE wasn’t so bad either; learning basic greetings were a breeze. The bell rang as we got dismissed and we got our recess, I got tired.
    I went outside in this wintry force, but there wasn’t much to do so I took a walk about the oval. I looked at my watch and headed back to class but I was interrupted by some preps, friends, then a softball stunned me, then blew me over like a leaf. Blacked out, I fell like a corpse on the asphalt by the PAC.
    I woke up in the sick bay to not remember anything; a lady with red hair sitting in a nearby chair looked at me,
    “Hello Robert, are you feeling better now?”

    “My name is Robert?” I said quizzically, “And no my head still hurts a bit, I can still walk.”

    “Yes, your name is Robert, and I am this school’s principal, Mrs. Ash. You may not remember anything right now but I can guide you to your classroom.”

    “Mrs. Ash” didn’t have a smile or a frown as I walked down the hall, hopelessly trying to recognize my name in school photos. I walked into a class with these unfamiliar faces as I sat on a table on my own. I checked the time on my watch when I was asked, then the familiar sound of a bell rang,
    Ten minutes later I go outside in the familiar breeze. I sit down on a metal bench just to wonder who I am. A person who had their hair tied back came up to me,
    ‘Didn’t you hear the announcement? It called you to go home!”

    I wondered who she was, so I asked, ‘who are you?’

    “Me? I’m Zel and I thought you would know me! *sigh* Never mind.”

    I went “home” and looked at the pictures on the wall. I discovered who I was in a lightning bolt moment. My memories came back to me. It was strange, but who was I to be home at 2:30? Well, at least I was home earlier than usual.

    By Robert.

  9. Granny Is Going To Kill Me!

    It was a completely normal morning but I had to force myself to not sleep in because my granny had come to visit this morning. So I got out of bed and put my dark blue lacy dress on to impress granny, yes granny was one of those posh old ladies that expected too much from the world. I slowly approached granny and I was greeted with a very posh like kiss on both cheeks, followed by a “mua mua” and then I was also greeted with “you look great Hun now hold my ring whilst I go and use the lavatory “I replied with “sure thing umm? Lady oh um I mean uhh Ma’am” if took one quick look at the ring and already noticed that it was an antique 50 million dollar ring, I glanced at the grandfather clock (that of course granny bought us) and saw that Mia my cat needed to be fed.

    I put the ring on my crooked finger and walked over to the fridge and picked up Mia’s diet plan and saw that today she had to eat several frozen sardines (I would hate to be Mia right now). So I opened the freezer and pulled out several frozen sardines, then I approached our ugly glass sliding door that looked like a lion had used it to sharpen its claws on. So anyway I went through the ugly door and started to put the food in Mia’s bowl and I started to notice that my hands were getting all oily and yuck from the sardines, in fact my hands were really slippery but I didn’t even bother washing them, lucky granny was not here to see me with grotty hands’ whispered to Mia saying “I’m sorry it’s for your own good you fatty.” Then granny came out of the toilet (she took a long time!) and asked me for her ring so I reached out for my hand but it was gone I gasped and said in a shocked voice “oh umm I a kind of lost it?” she was furious I was so ashamed I ran outside and cried like a big sooky.

    I then realised that Mia my adorable cute and cuddly cat was chewing something shiny and gold I then pulled it out of her mouth and saw that it was the ring I was so relived but before I told granny I found it I had to clean it. I took it to the tap and washed it off, I then sprayed perfume on it because it stunk like sardine. Then I thought about how Mia had it and then I realised that I probably fell into her food. And finally I screamed out “granny I found your ring” then I ran to her, she just snatched the ring off me and said “young ladies don’t run and scream!”
    How rude!

    By Taylah Makarovski

  10. Dear Bloggers

    The iPad

    One sunny evening, Jacob an average teenager, with a white complexion, black leather jacket with white stripes, black leather pants, black Nike shoes and black shades with ninja stars logos on them, was going to his best friend’s house. Jacob skated from his house and arrived at Edwards’s house in a matter of minutes, he arrived with his black skate board and razor blade backpack including his iPad, Xbox controller and razor blade headset.

    First they put Jacobs backpack in Edwards’s room. Then they got their skateboards and
    Jacobs iPad and skated off to KFC. After their quick KFC lunch run they skated eagerly back to Edward’s house to play Xbox. As soon as they got back Jacob couldn’t find his iPad, he was going insane without it.

    So Edward and Jacob looked for the iPad all over Edwards house then remembered he took it to KFC. As quick as a worker bee he zoomed straight to KFC on his skateboard to pick up his forgotten iPad. He looked on the table where we sat but he saw nothing. Then the lady at the counter saw him and remembered that he forgot his iPad and gave it to him. He thanked her and zoomed straight back to Edwards’s house.

    When Jacob got back he placed his iPad in his bag, saw Edward getting ready. As eager as he was Jacob jumped straight on the couch beside Edward, put on his razor blade headset, got his controller and started their gaming marathon.

    By Jayce,

  11. Where Am I?!

    One spooky afternoon, I was relaxing on my couch watching T.V, when suddenly I heard the phone ringing. I ran swiftly to the phone and asked who it was, it was my friend, he always pranked me, he wanted to know if I wanted to come over, this was my chance to prank him I thought. I asked my kind and loving parents if I could go, they said “yes”, I told my friend yes. I asked for his address, he told me his address and I wrote it down.

    I grabbed my bag with a tasty, mouth-water and delicious sandwich in it, and I walked to the address. When I got there I saw a dark, damp and massive forest, I thought to myself his house must be somewhere in here. I walked in the forest and in a blink of an eye I was lost! I was looking everywhere for a way out, but I felt I was walking in circles I was really scared and tired now. So I sat down on a log and then suddenly I heard a growl from the back. I jumped up and saw the vicious-looking tiger slowly approaching at me from the bushes!

    I was panicking, my heart was racing, I was thinking what I could do, suddenly I remembered I brought a sandwich I knew what was inside, there was meat in it, I thought if I chuck the sandwich the tiger would leave me alone and eat the sandwich instead. I chucked the sandwich and I ran away. After awhile I thought I lost the tiger, I spoke to soon, and there it was again. This time it looked friendly. I slowly came to the tiger and patted it. I thought to myself he must be friendly, I wondered if it knows the way out.

    I asked the tiger if he knew the way out, he started walking and I followed him. After a while he found the way out, as I was walking out of the forest I saw my friend, he was laughing wildly. I knew he gave the wrong address, I was really mad at him and I didn’t talk to him ever since. I walked back home and my parents were really worried and scared I was hurt because it was really late. They were really happy to see me safe and sound.

    From Jamie

  12. Dear Bloggers,

    This is my story,

    The Day I Lost My Keys!

    I was cold and very sleepy. I just woke up at 6:00 am to put the laundry. The day was very windy so I thought putting it out now was a very good idea. I was unfortunately half-naked and quite scared that someone might come across my house. The wind was blowing and blowing as if God has turned on an enormous fan up in heaven. But as for my sleepiness I managed to put up only one pair of socks and one pair of underpants. Then suddenly I heard something that woke me up instantly.
    BANG, my door made as it shut close, the noise was so loud it could have created an avalanche. I hurried over towards the door and tried turning the door handle and suddenly a shiver ran down my spine, my heartbeat was beating ten times as faster than it should be, I’m locked outside, I’m half-naked and I almost had a heart attack. I checked to for my keys everywhere; in my socks, in my underpants, in my wet underpants, in the grass and every known place in a garden. I’m panicking I looked for a way in but I closed every entrance because of the cold air escaping into the house. I was doomed.
    Then I remembered that I have a spare key at my office desk but it was half way across the town, I went to find my car but my car was at the garage. I thought and thought but nothing came, I then heard a dog, correction: a very angry dog. He looked at me and barked suddenly he leaped on me, it was a tough fight but I found a tennis ball and threw it, the dog chased it far, far away. I watch enough if Bear grill videos so I know the whole survival thing.
    I found leafs, sticks and some mud (dried obviously). I wet the mud until it was gooey and very helpful, I stuck the sticks and mud together and covered it with leaves “Perfect,” I thought to myself as I looked at my make-shift suit. I snuck on to a tram and rode to my office. On the tram everyone stared at me as if I was a homeless hobo. I got off and saw my make-shift suit wrecked. I saw a man who had a pretty descant suit that s when I had an idea. I quietly grabbed the man and shoved him into the toilet and I stripped him of his suit and I put it on. I went to my desk and found my keys and got out of the building and cached another tram and returned home. I opened the door and sat on my sofa and turned on my TV then suddenly remembered one thing: “I forgot about the man!” The man still lay in the toilet half-naked just like I was.


  13. The Hiding Phone

    One ordinary day I was looking at clothes in the shop board works then I saw some cool looking tops that I might buy. But there was one top that really stood out so I went over to it. At first I thought it was a girl top but it was actually a boy’s tiger print top.

    So for some reason I like to feel the pockets and see what it looks like with something in them. So I put my phone in it to see how it looks. Then I saw my friend Cooper so I went over to him to say hi and talk about things that we have recently done. So as we talked I went to show my phone.

    But then I realised that my phone was not in my pocket my heart suddenly bead rapidly I was really worried if I lost it “what would my mum say” I thought? I was freaking out! I was quickly moving around the shop looking for it. Then I saw the top again it was as shiny as a diamond and oddly I could see something rectangular in it I thought about it for a minute, then I realised that it was my phone!

    So from that day on learnt to always keep my phone or other important things in my pocket. And to not feel pockets and put things in them to see how it looks and feels. So I ended up showing my phone to my friend another day.


    One day when I got home from school I saw the whole living room spotless because my older cousin was filming his show in my house.

    That weekend i went to the shops to buy a video game but i noticed that I forgot my wallet! on the computer desk at home. Later I ended up with no video game. When I got home i went to get my wallet from the computer desk but it was not there!.

    I got really worried and I speedily looked everywhere on the computer desk from top to bottom and I still could not find it. Later that night when I went to watch a movie I remembered my wallet was green but I saw a box and I saw something green in the box and I thought it was my wallet so I picked it out and it was just a green piece of paper.

    The next day I felt really upset because I had lots of money inside my wallet and now I have to get a new wallet and earn money to keep in a new wallet. Later I went to my tub rack where I keep all my books to find a book to make me feel better.

    After when I finished with the book I opend a different tub to put the book back and before I put my book in I saw my wallet!!!! I was sooo happy that I found it and lucky i still have all my money. The only thing I have to know is who put it with my books.

    From Jayden

  15. Lost My Glasses, and Sight

    It was dark evening, he was exhausted “it’s dinner time David!” the boy
    named David wore what anyone would wear some shorts a T-shirt and a pair
    of glasses on his face, and he had normal mushroom looking hair. He
    trotted downstairs and walked to the dinner table. David was social, not
    to his parents though. During dinner he would sit and eat, no talking
    involved though. His parents would ask him questions but he wouldn’t
    reply. He only spoke to his parents on rare occasions. Once he finished
    eating he laid down his glasses and threw himself on his bed and closed
    his eyes.

    The next morning, David woke up took a quick shower and put his clothes on
    and ate this breakfast ready for school. Something felt wrong David
    thought, was he missing something? Something important, very important he
    thought harder, then he stopped and realised, then shouted “MY GLASSES!”
    How did he forget? It was so obvious; he dropped his bag and rushed to
    this room. His glasses weren’t where he had left them. A door opened near
    him and out came his dad “You ready to go to school?” He had woken up the
    entire house with his screaming. David sat in the car more worried than
    before. In David’s point of view the world was like a bunch of colours
    mixed up into each other now. He was going to find his glasses; he knew he
    would have to.

    Once David arrived at school he noticed around him blurs kicking balls
    around, which was normal for David those were the group of kids that liked
    playing and practicing before and after school. That was only one group of
    people there was also a group of people that just crowded around and
    talked, but the group David was interested in was “The people with glasses
    that are smart club” also known for how bad their names are. Most of the
    people in the group had glasses so if David wanted to find his glasses in
    school that’d be where he wanted to look. David started approaching them
    slowly, they would reject him for not having glasses but he had to try.
    One of the big guys in the group spotted him, pushed him back and laughed.
    David spotted something in the guy’s pocket with some familiar colours,
    David eyes were so terrible though so he could barely make it out, and
    could it be his glasses? David wanted to snatch it away so bad but his
    body wouldn’t move he was staying so still. David couldn’t tell who was
    who as people were moving past him and he got stuck into the crowd, he
    decided to go the toilets. Someone came after him. David couldn’t tell who
    he was with the bad eyesight so he just washed his hands. When the blur
    suddenly turned into a face David knew who he was, David splashed some
    water into his face and he yelled out and went to rub his eyes. David
    took advantage of the situation and snatched the object from big guy’s
    pocket and placed it on his face.

    David’s eyesight returned to him, these were indeed his glasses. Now the
    main objective was to run away before the big guy grabbed him. David
    sprinted away for his life. He had so many questions like how did the guy
    get in his house to steal the glasses? But that wasn’t important as he was
    trying to dodge every single student in his way trying to get to class. At
    last David pushed the door open from his class and slammed it closed, he
    did it, and he was safe at last. After school David’s normal days were
    back and he never wanted to get involved in this ever again.

    By, Dan

  16. Dear Bloggers,
    This is my short narrative.

    Lost My Hair!!!!
    One normal morning I did my usual morning routine of my boring life. It’s just brushing my teeth washing my face and brushing my hair but something unusual happened today little bits of my brown soft lushes hair was falling out of my head .So I just tied it in a loose pony tail. We’ll it didn’t really concern me so I wasn’t all fussy about it.So the day went really quickly today so that was a big relief.So I just had a shower and just went to bed.

    When I woke up this morning and did my normal morning routine.And when I went to brush my hair there was no hair to brush or no hair to tie up.I ran to my mum down stairs.I told her what happened at first she didn’t really understand what I was talking about but then she was thinking really hard to find out what we can do about this problem.She went to go and look in the cupboards in the hallway and she found this afro wig.I told her”I can not wear this to school mum” she just looked at me and said “it’s better than going without any hair at all”. So I just did. Luckily school finished early today because there was a big dust storm. When I got home I got home did some homework and went to bed early.That night a genie came and granted me a wish for my hair to come back. And I know that because years ago a dark looking guy robbed our house so know we put in cameras so we can see if he comes again, and when I looked at the camera footage i could see the genie coming down the fire place

    Because when I woke up this morning I had hair but it wasn’t my natural hair it was the wig that my mum gave me yesterday. So I wasn’t too happy about it. i told all my friends that a genie came and granted me a wish to stick the wig that I wore yesterday so I have hair now “We all know that genies rant real so you just stuck that wig on your head hahahahahahah”my friends said.Then after hearing that I just walked away and started to cry.

    By: Elli Blias 4va

  17. This is my story,

    What Happened To My Hair?

    “That was a good jog, but I better head back home.” She looked at her watch. It was 8:30pm and Jeana was still out jogging. Jeana was always trying to lose weight, even though she looked great. About 10 minutes later, she arrived at her big, beige tinted house. She went inside and opened the fridge. She chose a drink that she made early that day. While she was making it, she didn’t realise that the ingredients she used, created a very special potion. She took a sip, and it was disgusting. She put it back. “Eurgh..” Jeana muttered. She walked away to brush her hair, before she went to bed. As she brushed the last strand, Jeana saw that a lot of hair came out. She ignored it and put her flower printed brush down to go secure all the doors. (She usually did this before going to bed). Jeana pulled the covers off and slid underneath. She thought about her hair before drifting off into a deep sleep.

    It was 7:30am and Jeana was going to wake up soon. She just woke up at that time every morning, without the assistance of an alarm. Yeah, it was weird. She woke up and stretched and suddenly stroked her bald, patchy head. She shrieked and raced to the bathroom. She slowly stepped in front of the mirror to reveal her hideous self. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” She panicked and screamed and ran around the house! An hour had passed and Jeana was still panicking.

    Jeana stopped. She realised that it was the disgusting drink. She impatiently walked to the refrigerator and saw it. It had changed and was now orange! She forcefully gulped it down in hope that something will happen. And something did happen. Her hair started to grow and grow! She soon had a thick head of hair. Jeana let out a sigh of relief. But she wasn’t so sure yet. It looked like it had grown but she wanted to make sure. She went to her room and grabbed her brush and cleaned it. She smoothly brushed her hair and to her surprise, nothing came out.

    From now on Jeana decided it was best for her to not make her own drinks and stick to drinking water. But only during her fitness hours, as she thought it was better. After that disaster, Jeana always made sure her hair was healthy. But one morning, she.. woke.. up.. and.. HAHA! Tricked you! Anyway, Jeana told all her friends about her strange story, and boy, did she get some great reactions!

    From Sandra

  18. Dear Bloggers

    This Is My Story

    The Sword Of Invincibility

    One peaceful day the whole earth was calm. Until a strange man came to the small village and unleashed powers which terrorised and destroy the village.One villager escaped into the red forest. He was holding an ancient scroll he found in a box underground,the scroll was dusty and dirty. Andrew opened the scroll and saw it had a mini map and a short paragraph: who ever obtains the sword will have powers never known and can kill the shadow lord but first some obstacles the bottomless ravin,the pit of darkness,the lava bridge,the forest of lost souls and a acid pit.

    Andrew closed the scroll and headed for the bottomless ravine. After two hours Andrew arrived at the bottomless pit. Then he saw a rusty old wood bridge. Andrew crossed the bridge slowly and and made it to the other side. Then had a long rest and ate. After his sleep he settled of again. Then made his way to the pit of darkness. Andrew arrived to the bottomless pit and saw a bridge, Andrew crossed the bridge slowly and almost lost his balance and fell but he made it to the other side.

    Then five hours later he arrived at the lava pit. Andrew was getting hot and sweating from the boiling lava.Then he found two bridges one was high above the lava and the other one was lower and closer to the lava.Andrew chose the high bridge and made it a crossed to the other side. Andrew saw a mini cave that had water. He felt the water and it was cold so he relaxed in the water.

    After ten hours he went to the forest of lost souls. When he started to walk through the forest he heard laughter and saw white floating around. The three souls came and said what are you doing hear but then Andrew ignored them and continued. Andrew found the end of the forest and saw a acid pit but he crossed without care.

    Andrew found a cave and saw a large box with amor and the ancient sword. Andrew used teleport to get back to the village and put the amor on and held the sword. Andrew fought the shadow lord and killed him once and for all.then Andrew sensed the shadow lord to another dimension and Andrew said a speech: I will be the new king. Every one agreed and Andrew sat in the throne and watch over the village.

    From Andrew3

  19. Dear Everyone,
    This is my story.

    I lost my dignity
    By Joanne
    It was my first day at a new school. I was walking to school feeling soo scared and I said to myself ” I hope I don’t embarrass myself “. Kids were staring at me as if I was the last piece of food on earth. Now I was walking faster, more kids were coming and I felt as if I was gradually shrinking.

    I had finally past the school gates but that’s when disaster struck. As I was walking to the school doors when I slipped on a banana peel and my face landed in a trash can. The next thing I knew was that everyone was laughing at me and calling me names. I felt so embarrassed I ran home crying. I embarrassed myself on the first day at a new school. What bad luck!

    I was taking some gum of my face when all of a sudden an old lady came up to me. She said that she could help me but I said ” there is no way you can fix this problem”. Then without another word she was growing gradually bigger and the shape of her face was changing. I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was a dragon! She told me that she could grant me one wish so I said ” I wish I could start the day again “.

    Suddenly I woke up in my bed. I heard my mum saying ” get up it’s my first day at your new school”. But that couldn’t be true I slipped on a banana peel and got got my face stuck in a trash can yesterday at my new school. Then I realised the old lady made the day start again. Then I saw the old lady outside getting her mail . As she saw me she winked at me and I smiled back.

    From Joanne

  20. Dear Bloggers,
    This is my short narrative.

    Lost My Hair!!!!
    One normal morning I did my usual morning routine of my boring life. It’s just brushing my teeth washing my face and brushing my hair but something unusual happened today little bits of my brown soft lushes hair was falling out of my head .So I just tied it in a loose pony tail. We’ll it didn’t really concern me so I wasn’t all fussy about it.So the day went really quickly today so that was a big relief.So I just had a shower and just went to bed.

    When I woke up this morning and did my normal morning routine.And when I went to brush my hair there was no hair to brush or no hair to tie up.I ran to my mum down stairs.I told her what happened at first she didn’t really understand what I was talking about but then she was thinking really hard to find out what we can do about this problem.She went to go and look in the cupboards in the hallway and she found this afro wig.I told her”I can not wear this to school mum” she just looked at me and said “it’s better than going without any hair at all”. So I just did. Luckily school finished early today because there was a big dust storm. When I got home I got home did some homework and went to bed early.That night a genie came and granted me a wish for my hair to come back. And I know that because years ago a dark looking guy robbed our house so know we put in cameras so we can see if he comes again, and when I looked at the camera footage i could see the genie coming down the fire place

    Because when I woke up this morning I had hair but it wasn’t my natural hair it was the wig that my mum gave me yesterday. So I wasn’t too happy about it. i told all my friends that a genie came and granted me a wish to stick the wig that I wore yesterday so I have hair now “We all know that genies rant real so you just stuck that wig on your head hahahahahahah”my friends said.Then after hearing that I just walked away and started to cry.

    By: Elli Blias 4va

  21. Dear Bloggers,

    This is my short story,

    I went to the shopping centre to buy my cousin a gift. It was his birthday on Friday and today was Wednesday . Well, I went into a couple of shops but I couldn’t find any thing he would like. Eventually, I found a pair of really nice jeans that I thought he would like. So I went to the shop owner and said “could I buy these pair of jeans, please”. “That’ll be fifty eight dollars thanks” replied the lady. I searched my right pocket for my wallet. “Where is my wallet”? I remembered that it was in my right pocket when I got out of the car.

    I looked everywhere frantically for it, but, I couldn’t find it. I was so concentrated on finding my wallet that I went to the food court. See here… I’m a nervous eater and I am very nervous! I went to Subway to eat, I made my order and sat down. They called me up and I payed for it and sat down again. I ate it in a hurry. Then I asked myself “how did I buy it”!? So I retraced my steps and “AHA”, I had left it in my left pocket.

    “How did my wallet get in my left pocket”? I asked myself . Then I realised I could have put it in my left pocket when I was trying on clothes. Then I went back to the shop where I found the pair of jeans. When I bought it I ran out of the shopping centre in a hurry.”That’s enough shopping for one day” I exclaimed. I walked straight to the car.”Where are my car keys”?

    By Tristan

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