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The understanding of human dignity begins in the story of creation (Gen1: 26–27) where we are told that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. God saw that everything created was good.

The fundamental principles of Catholic social teaching are: Human life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death, and the human dignity of every person must be recognised.

Concern for the health of its citizens requires that society helps in the attainment of living conditions that allow them to grow and reach maturity: food and clothing, housing, health care, basic education, employment, and social assistance.

Through your research what organisation have you discovered that promotes life and in particular is focussed on restoring dignity?

Who are they?

What do they do?

Where do they work?

How does their program restore dignity?

How long has the program been running?

How successful is it?

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  1. Dear Bloggers,

    The charity that I found is called save the children but there website is They are a huge charity for kids there are many stories on there website telling you about the many times they have saved a child’s life. There are many stories including rescuing war poverty war and many other things.

    They are only a charity for kids in need, kids that are hungry,thirsty,lonely,sick,hurt and unloved. The group of people from save the children have all dedicated there life to saving children from all around the world. They even give children that have lost there family or in some cases treated like dirt by there family, new families so that they can live a good life and forget about there past.

    They help children all the time when they are in need of food,water,shelter and love. They operate pretty much every day because there are always sad children in need, they are always the first to help a starving child.

    They take there job to the extreme they go all around the world to help a child is in need, most children comment from countries suffering from war. They are always happy to travel the world to put a smile on a child’s face.

    They do this with the help of you when you donate money they can travel all around the world to save the suffering children. The shelter, food,water,special needs and love is all under there cost. The money that you donate goes to the cost of the transport like helicopters and planes. Some of your money also goes to hospital rooms not the operation or medication just the operating room.
    Keep donating!

    From Taylah

    • Dear Taylah,
      I really like this charity because they help children who are in need and if they lost their family’s so I think its a great idea to help kids who don’t have a home and are alone.
      From Joanne

  2. Dear 4VA

    My charity is Operation Smile

    People who help kids with clefts one in ten die without reaching their first birthday. The charity want to help because the children who survive will not be able to speak eat and most importantly they won’t be able to smile. They believe that every child should live life fairly and not be teased because of their cleft.

    They help kids every year.They do this all around the world.they know their parents can’t pay so they do the surgery for free.They help kids by doing reconstructive taking the cleft and cutting it so it becomes a normal lip

    They help kids because they believe that everyone should smile and they get a chance to change someone’s life. To see children smile for the first time is what they want to see. They help to give everyone a fair chance in life. I believe that they support human dignity because they help the kid who think they are worthless.

    From Evan

    • Dear Evan,

      I too have looked at this website as I was going to chose it myself, and I think it’s really sad to see that children can die from clefts before celebrating a birthday! But it is also great that there are good people out there who want to help save lives!

      From Lucia

  3. Dear 5/6VA,
    The program that I found that was very helpful for human dignity was Care. Care is a website and a business that is spread all around the world that helps peoples lives it helps people have a job, children to learn for women to have children etc.

    A few weeks ago on October 11th care made a day for young girls to have a chance to learn. The company gave little girls money to have the chance to learn and buy what they want to bring to school. Care Australia also helps people right now they are helping cure the future of disease.Care doesn’t only help Australia but it even helps the Syrian crisis, they helping the poverty by giving food in this hard time.

    Care mostly helps women and girls since they suffer a lot than men and boys since males have opportunities to learn but females don’t. So care give a chance for girls to learn and make there lives be higher that they should be. Also care thinks that girls without education life’s start to fade away and they don’t get a chance to learn.


  4. Hello Everyone,

    The organisation I researched is called HopeClub in America. This organisation helps people living with cancer and people who have survived it. On their website there is a man called Dick Vore who shared his story and most of my information came from him.

    Dick Vore was a policeman and he worked with police dogs and 5 years ago he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He had the Tuma removed but his voice changed and the dogs could no longer understand him so he quit. His wife signed him up at HopeClub and on the first day he refused to go in and would stay in the car all day. His wife said I’m not leaning until you go in. Eventually he did.

    He said he would never look back. Going to HopeClub was the best thing he had ever done. Dick felt uncomfortable and different because of his voice but at HopeClub there are people who have been through it and are living with it.

    He said HopeClub helped him because he knew everyone knows what it’s like. He also said they don’t just talk about cancer they talk about their daily lives and their families. Dick has been going there for five years, when he was first diagnosed with cancer. I believe this organisation promotes human dignity because they support people who feel worthless and different because of something they’ve been through. They also make people there feel like family because when you make new friends there they become family because you get to know them so much and ever since Dick went there has never looked back.

    HopeClub organisation –


    • Dear Kristen,

      I liked that the organisation, HopeClub, in which you chose, had a mans story. I think it’s great when companies or charity groups have real people with their real story and how it changed there life. I personally think that Dick Vore’s story would be very inspirational to people like him.

      From Lucia

      • I agree Lucia, often women are very active in talking about their feelings and their difficulties whereas men can feel as if they are letting people down if they do this because it is percieved by some as a weakness. I think that this is changing and men are learning that talking about and sharing our problems is actually a sign of strength and Dick Vore is a fabulous role model for males in general as well as for men who are coping with their lives after surviving cancer.
        Miss Ash

  5. Since 2002 The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Hewlett meaning someone who writes novels, poetry or essays), has improved the California education policies. This program is increasing the education of children by expanding the available educational recourses. Some of their goals are to improve the world through deeper learning, improve the education in California, access knowledge for teachers and students all around the world through open educational resources and raise the education in disadvantaged community’s in San Francisco.


  6. Dear 4va

    The company I’m researching is:

    They are a company that teaches kids about human dignity. They work online and have trucks that go around the world to deliver the money people lend. The way they help is people donate money to the company and they give it the people who need it and they give it back. They have been a successful company since 9/8/11 or the 9th of October 2011.

    From Tass

    • Dear Tass,
      What I really liked about you charity was that people lenderd people that had no money money. But I also liked how they gave the money to them, but the people had to pay them back that same amount when they had the money.

      From Alana

    • Hi Tass,

      I think you have become confused with the organisation I shared with you called Kiva.

      Amnesty International focuses on making people aware of human rights issues and putting pressure on governments, armed groups, companies and intergovernmental bodies. You might need to do a bit more research.

      Miss Ash

  7. Dear everyone,
    World vision Australia
    World vision Australia is the most charitable group in Australia. They help over 2 million people every year thanks to the support of 400,000 Australians. Over six decades world vision has been engaging people to work towards getting rid of poverty. In September 1950 world vision was found with pierce as the president. World vision works in 96 countries and has 22,500 staff members working in those countries. It’s not just them that can help but people can also sponsor a child or help them to make a world with out poverty.
    From Joanne

    • Hi Joanne,

      I know about WorldVision because my family sponsors a child. We are onto our second child as our first child grew up. We donate about 40 to 50 dollars a month and when there is a special occasion like Christmas or their birthday we write a card and send it to them. The cards sometimes have little games you make by cutting out the figures on the card. WorldVision also gives us photos of our child and they give you a recent one and an older one. It feels really good to know that we are giving a child a better life and making them feel better about themselves.


      • Dear Kristen,
        I think its great that you sponser a child one of my child care’s in this youth group sponsors a child but I’m not sure if it’s from world vision. He can’t talk but he is really smart because he can solve puzzles really quickly and I admire that and does the child you sponser have any talents.
        From Joanne

  8. Dear 4AP

    I been researching a company that gives money to the poor

    Who: the person that runs the company is the the community affairs manager is Deborah Smith they give money to the poor and donated about $202.4 Million k/dollars. They work in New York and address is 12east 49th street, 45 floor.

    They restore human dignity by giving money to the poor and helping them out. The company has been running about 2years or more. The company has been successful cause they donated $202.4 million dollars/k and give the money to the poor.

    From Andrew3

    • Hi Andrew,

      You may need to read this website again. This is a healthcare provider, a company that researches and makes medicines, rather than an charitable organisation. They do however say that they are focused on promoting health but they are a business so they really exist to make a profit.

      Miss Ash

  9. Dear Bloggers,
    The organisation i found was loving kindness Vietnam the reason i chose this was it was helping my background country.This organisation is a school for those who cannot afford to pay a school fee and also helps the students to be more confident about learning.Loving kindness Vietnam also is a orphanage for those who have no parents.Loving kindness Vietnam helps children in Nha Trang,Vietnam even though it is a small area.

    From Jessica

    • Dear Jessica,
      I like the organisation you chose because I bet they are a lot of people who need help and my favourite part about this organisation is that there is an orphanage but what if this organisation could world wide then everyone in the world will find about this organisation because I haven’t heard about before but it sounds like a good organisation.

      From Joanne

    • Dear Jessica,
      I think that Loving Kindness Vietnam is a really good program, it helps the orphans of Nha Trang to study and have a life. It also is wonderful to see how they decide to help orphans, who actually need help to learn and live, it would be really hard for them to live without there parents. But I have one question does Loving Kindness Vietnam only help Nha Trang or does it help other places in Vietnam?


  10. Dear bloggers,

    Who are they?- The group that I researched was the home-dignity group.I found lots of interesting things about them, such as where they are, what they do, when they do it, where they do it and why they do it.

    What do they help you with?- The home-dignity group helps people with learning disabilities, day care groups, residential care, they support living, friendly landlord, domiciliary support, transitional placements, autistic spectrum, challenging behaviour and complex health needs.

    Where can you find them?- You can find the home-dignity group on their website in West Sussex, UK, Coaching Houses, The Old Rectory and Singleton. You can go to these places so that they can help you with all these things above.

    When?- August Bank Holiday weekend kicked off on Friday 23rd August 2013 with their annual Garden party on the lawns at The Old Rectory in Singleton. Residents, families and friends joined. Many bringing their own backed goodies to share.

    Why?- For someone who has a learning disability finding the right place to live, finding the right balance of support is hard but they can help you.They can help you with day care groups because it might be cheaper or closer where you live.

    From Alana

  11. Dear bloggers,
    My company is Anglicare this is the link to the website

    Who are they
    Anglicare is a company who works towards strengthening families and communities.They support about 70,000 families every year.They are an company that’s promotes life.

    What do they do
    They support people who don’t have homes.They provide food and houses for the poor and the homeless.They provide homes for 100’s of children and families every night through foster cares.

    Where are they
    Anglicare is all around Australia.But they help some families in need all over the world.


  12. Dear Bloggers,
    The charity I chose was ‘Oz Harvest’. In Oz harvest many famous chefs cook, find and support the group, and the food are carried out in 11 vehicles all across Australia. Here is fun fact: 441, 500 meals per month are carried out Australia in 15 vans and it all equals up to 147 tonnes each month.

    The Oz Harvests locations are in: Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane. They believe that food should not be wasted and everyone should be able to eat. They enjoy helping others.

    Oz Harvest supplies after schooling programs and makes sure that everyone can have something to eat. On average, every kilogram of food that Oz Harvest finds will avoid 2 kg of greenhouse emissions, and avoid the lost of 143 litres of water.

    They are a wonderful group with a wonderful dream and I hope they continue their work.

  13. Dear Class,

    This is the charity I chose

    Save the children – Australia

    Who are they: They are a group of people who care about the serious issues in our world, like currently they’ve made an appeal for Syria and help the Australian community.

    What do they do: They let you choose category’s of where you want your money to go and how much you want to send. You can also look at videos about poor country’s to persuade you to give more money.

    Why they do it: They are just a group who made this site so they can help the poor in several countries. They do it because they want to (they don’t have to). They’re not even paid.

    When do they donate: They donate monthly with the money they have from people donating

    Sponsor: 7-eleven sponsors save the children – Australia. They give money to them in charity boxes.

    From Tristan

  14. Dear Bloggers,

    The organization that I choose is nhs confederation which is a nursing home who are trying to improve later life in the United Kingdom. They are trying to improve dignity for older people who are struggling. They do this to promote dignity to people who need help and to make them feel like they are treated with respect. this nursing home is always open to people who need help.

    This organization restores dignity by give the elderly respect and giving them a dignity by help them and talking to them. I think nhs confederation is very successful because lots of elderly people need help and they can goto this place and stay there and be cared for.

    By Caleb

    • Hi Caleb, You might need to read a bit more about what the NHS is. It stands for National Health Service and it is the equivalent of our hospital and medical system and medicare (all combined). The NHS run a lot of the nursing homes where as ours are run by companies like Regis. It does promote life because it is a healthcare organisation but it isn’t a charity unlike the other organisations we looked at.

      Miss Ash

  15. Dear Bloggers,

    The organisation that I researched was Psychs On Bikes.

    Psychs on Bikes ride motorbikes and raise money for charities.

    They run by mental health professionals, who care about those with mental health challenges and issues.Their motto is ‘Adventure Before Dementia’.

    On Saturday, 14th of April, last year, the organisation rode from Cottesloe Beach in Perth, all the way to Bondi Beach in Sydney. There were only 15 bikes and over 20 participants! This motorbike ride took nine days! During this ride, they raised money for the Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health.

    The main company that sponsors Psychs on Bikes is Ramsay Health Care.

    Psychs on Bikes started in April, 2011, over a few beers in a pub in Kalgoorlie where they decide to ride motorbikes. After their first ride, they decided that they should do an even longer ride for a charitable cause!

    The main company that sponsors Psychs on Bikes is Ramsay Health Care. You can help out by donating to

    From Lucia

    • Hi Lucia,

      Psyches on Bikes sounds like a really good charity. Driving from Perth to Sydney on a motorcycle, wow! To me that sounds fun. I’d love to ride in a motorcycle for charity. I’ve never heard of this charity so now I’ve learnt something new and now I want to look into this charity.


      • Dear Kristen,

        That is great that you learnt something new! I also agree that it would be fun to ride a motorbike that far, and especially if it’s helping others!

        From Lucia

    • Hi Lucia,

      I think the reason they actually promote human dignity is because the raise money in order to investigate what we can do to reduce the suicide rate in farming and mining communities. By trying to prevent people taking their own lives that are promoting life, they are encouraging people to LIVE and work through their problems rather than give up!

      Miss Ash

      • Dear miss Ash,

        I also saw that on a website, but I was a bit confused on what they meant. That is why I did not mention this in my comment as I wasn’t entirely sure if it was to do with it at all! Now, after explaining the real reason why they support human dignity, I understand much better!

        From Lucia

  16. Dear Bloggers,
    My company that I found that is new to my is called Microplace, Microplace lets us give money to other starting business that need money to start off they business. Microplace work in America but they help people all over the world. Microplace restores dignity in that the money gets paid back to the people who gave them money, instead of charity just giving money lowers peoples dignity. The company started of in 2007, Microplace has been really successful because there have been lots of ivestments

    From Jamie

  17. Hi Bloggers,

    My organisation promoting life I found is called the Action Against Hunger. They are a Non profit organisation and feed the hungry kids. Their websites are: (US) (UK)

    They set up feeding centres to feed children and take care of them. They give kids access to clean water, they also provide education and have medication. Their aim is to find sustainable solutions to world hunger.

    Action Against Hunger serves about 40 countries around the world. Their HQ’s are in New York, Montreal, Paris, and Madrid.

    Their program restores dignity because the hungry kids will have access to clean water and food just like the other everyday normal people, They will also be treated the same as others.

    Action Against Hunger was formed in 1979, by a group of French doctors and scientists. It provided help to Afghan and Cambodians refuges to Ugandan Communities struck by a famine, and the organisation expanded. Action Against Hunger in USA was formed in 6 years later in 1985.

    I think this organisation is pretty successful as it has gained a few awards over they years, most importantly the organisation has been helping and feeding countries over the world.


  18. Dear Bloggers,
    My company that I found that is new to my is called Microplace, Microplace lets us give money to other starting business that need money to start off they business. Microplace work in America but they help people all over the world. Microplace restores dignity in that the money gets paid back to the people who gave them money, instead of charity just giving money lowers peoples dignity. The company started of in 2007, Microplace has been really successful because there have been lots of investments.

    From Jamie

  19. Dear Bloggers,

    The organisation I found that promotes life is a large organisation called Islamic Relief Australia.

    Islamic Relief Australia helps people who are effected by human and natural disasters, those who are hungry, sick and suffering. – No matter what race they are or religion. They also let people sponsor an orphan, give children who do not go to school education. These are only a few things they do though.

    Islamic Relief Australia works in more then 30 countries such as China, Egypt, India and Indonesia. This organisation first started in 2011 and they also work in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

    The organisation is very successful and has put many smiles on many people’s faces.


  20. Dear 4VA, this is my
    Human Dignity Organisation/Program

    Who are they?
    Dearborn Academy

    What do they do?
    They build people up to their potential, not bring them down. That are committed to sustaining an environment where there is peace and where you express yourself in the ways of kindness, compassion and courage. They help special needs children that aren’t included in their high school and aren’t recognised for human dignity. They also educate and bring care and support to families.n

    Where do they work?
    They work in Dearborn, America.

    How do they restore dignity?
    They have a bullying prevention and intervention plan. The students are motivated to make life goals for themselves. Wherever they aren’t included, Dearborn makes everyone individual and noticed by people. From a students’ opinion, he said that “It helped me not to hide from everything and to just have a go whether I liked it or not. We weren’t forced to do things, so it was really fun.”

    How long has the program been running?
    This academy has been running for 73 years, almost 75.

    How successful is it?
    It’s successful in that it helps teenagers with low self-esteem and it builds them up to restore their human dignity. Lots of students have happily graduated from here and most of them are very confident in themselves.

    From Sandra.

    • Dear Sandra,

      I think it’s great they you chose a charity from America! It’s great that they try to include students, and I like the way they help build good self esteem. Organisations like these are really helpful for children and teenagers, and it’s fantastic that students graduating from this school are successfully walking out with bright outcomes!

      From Lucia

  21. Dear Bloggers,

    The foundation I’ve found is:

    This promotes human dignity by teaching people how to cook. This charity is called “Jamie Oliver Food Foundation” founded by the famous British chef, Jamie Oliver. This promotes life as they don’t give food, but they teach disadvantaged or young people to start cooking from scratch.

    •Who are they?
    Jamie Oliver is a famous British chef, he and the rest of his charity aims to teachui people with tough backgrounds or are disadvantaged how to cook. They plan to give people a chance at possibly getting a job in the restaurant industry.

    •What do they do?
    This charity aims to teach disadvantaged, young or adults who missed out on how to cook. They also aim to make people more streetwise about the foods they eat and aware of the foods that go into them. Another goal for them is to make schools around the world have an education about foods.

    •How does the program restore human dignity?
    They give back dignity as they teach people how to cook, and not give them food directly. Giving them food can show that the disadvantaged don’t have the ability to cook and this could possibly show less human dignity in other people’s eyes.

    •How long has the program been running?
    This foundation is very new as it only started early 2013

    From Robert.

  22. Who- Regis lake park, nursing homes

    Where- Blackburn vic

    Why- nursing homes age care

    How- people that help elders

    Dear Bloggers,
    I have chosen this nursing home because it is near my house and it helps elders that need help or weak and that nobody will help them. The nursing home gives them food,shelter and good care. They are very good at caring and they give spa days, Cable TV and wine with meals.

    The nursing homes are helpful I think they are a good nursing home and it is a good idea to give them a spa day and tv to watch.

    From Jimmy

  23. Dear Bloggers,

    My organisation is HRE USA meaning human rights educators USA. They promote human dignity, peace and justice in USA.There website is

    They help schools, universities and other organisation. They tech them about human dignity, peace and justice.

    HRE USA was established on June 11th 2002. They have over 75 educators. They also had Building a Human Rights Education Strategy for US Schools. Witch took place in September 16-17 2011.

    They go around schools universities and other organisations and tech them.they even have groups. Here is two Higher Education Working Group and Research and Evaluation Working Group.
    From Jack.

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