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  1. Dear Bloggers,

    My Biography on
    Frank Forde

    Born: July 18, 1890, Mitchell,Queensland
    Died: January 28, 1983, Brisbane
    Party: Australian Labor Party
    Previous offices: Prime Minister of Australia (1945–1945), More
    Was priminister for 8 days

    He was educated at St. Mary, Toowoomba, Catholic school. He then became a junior teacher until he was 20. As an ambitious clerk he decided to study telegraph at department Toowoomba. Then at Commonwealth Postmaster- general department in Brisbane he decided to study electrical engineering.

    In 1914 Frank was moved to rock Hampton, where he then learned debating, public speaking and dancing with James Larcombe as his mentor. Then became a leading figure in numerous organisations, especially Australian Native association.

    Frank soon joined the labor ranks, when labor won the election on 1929, frank became assistant prime minister for trades and customs. Toowoomba. Then at Commonwealth Postmaster- general department in Brisbane he decided to study electrical engineering. When Scullin retired in 1935, Frank contested the ballot by one vote by John Curtin. When John Curtin died in 1945, Frank Forde was sworn in as prime minister on July 6 till the next election which was 8 days away.

    From Jayce

  2. Dear Bloggers,
    Here is one of the political people I think is a good role model.

    Neville Bonners background was Aboriginal. His was born March 28TH 1922 in Ukerebagh Island in the mouth of the Tweed River.He died on Feb 5TH 1999 he was raised by his Aboriginal mother and grandparents. His father went back to England before Neville was born. His early life was tough with no opportunity for education apart from one year at a school when he was 14. He worked as a stockman, cane cutter, tree feller and married Mona Banfield in 1943.his mother was Julia Rebecca bonner but he didn’t remember his father. The eldest brother was Henry, and then He came along and his father as I said deserted his Mother, and then later his Mother picked up with another Aboriginal man, and she had 3- 4 children with him so there’s only himself still living, and his sister. The three brothers were all passed on.His political role Neville Bonner was the first Aboriginal person to sit in Federal Parliament as a Senator for Queensland from 1971 to 1983.

    From Alana

  3. Dear Bloggers,

    This is my politcal person,

    Earle Page

    D.O.B: 8th August 1880
    D.O.D:20th December 1961
    Place of birth: Grafton Sydney
    Role: Prime Minister
    How long in role: 3 weeks

    Early life
    Earle page was educated in Grafton Primary School. He was then educated in Sydney High and his university was University of Sydney and had graduated as the highest in medical class.

    Sir Earle Page worked in the Australian Imperial Force Army Medical Corps and went to Egypt and France while in France he met Ethel Blunt and he married her. Soon after that he became the first ever care taker for Prime Minister after the death of Joseph Lyons.

    From, Evan

    From Evan

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Name: Sir Edmund Toby Barton
    Date of Birth: 18th of January 1849
    Leadership: 1st Prime Minister of Australia

    Edmund Barton was born on the 18th of January 1849 in Glebe, Sydney and died on the 7th of January 1920. His first political role was the Prime Minister of NSW in 1879 (before federation). He then became the first Prime Minister of Australia in 1901 because of federation. He then resigned as Prime Minister of Australia so he could become the Minister of External Affairs.

    Early Life
    Edmund Barton was the ninth child of his English parents William Barton, who was a stockbroker, and Mary/Marie Louise Barton. He had loved music, art and literature.

    School Life
    He went to Fort Street High and Sydney Grammar School. He was twice dux, School Captain and met best friend and later fellow Justice of the High court of Australia, Richard O’Connor. He graduated with first class honours and the University medal in classics at the University of Sydney.
    He won a prize for classics and the €50 Lithgow scholarship. He studied under professor Charles Badham. While he was there he was given a lasting love of Latin and Greek and won the Cooper scholarship. He learned to debate at the Sydney Mechanics school of Arts.

    Casual Work Life
    In May 1868 he worked for a solicitor, Henry Bradley, and from June 1870 with a Barrister, G.C. Davies. On December 21st 1871 he was admitted to the bar. In May 1872 Junior Counsel for Defence of the notorious muderer Alfred Lester.

    Career/Occupation/Work Life
    He was an Australian politician and judge. He served as the first Prime Minister of Australia for 2 years, 1901 – 1903. He was an MP in 1879 in the Parliament of NSW. He resigned as Prime Minister of Australia in 1903 to become a judge of the High Court of Australia, serving for 17 years until his death in 1920.


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