Dear 4AP,

Bullying is a very important issue it has been around school for a very long time.

Bullying is when a person or a group repeatedly and intentionally uses or abuse their power to intimidate, hurt, oppress or damage someone else. It can be covert or cyber-based (happening online through social networks or even through mobile phones). Bullying can be physical or emotional.


If you are being bullied you should tell the teacher or your parents. It has many effects on students like depression.

If you were a victim of bullying how would you feel?

Have you been a victim of a bully?

Why do you think people become bullies?


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One Comment

on “Bullying
One Comment on “Bullying
  1. Hello Bloggers,
    If I were a victim of bullying I would feel vulnerable, sad and very alone. Bullying is a terrible thing that needs to be stamped out. Students also need to learn some strategies to protect themselves from bullies.

    I agree that if you are being bullied you must tell an adult.

    From Caleb’s Mum

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