Who would you vote for?

Dear 4 AP, I have a big problem! Tomorrow is the election and I still don’t know who I should vote for!

I’m not a fan of either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott personally. I think both of them will say anything to win, I don’t know that I believe they want to do the best thing for all Australians. It often sounds like they just want to tell us what they need to in order to win the competition between themselves. Frankly, neither of them are very inspiring.

So I need to base my vote on their policies or other parties policies and I found a great website to look at the policies.


Maybe you could have a look and give me some advice?

Who would you vote for?


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  1. Dear Miss Ash,
    If I could vote, I would vote for The Greens because of what they said they would do in the education system. I would vote for them because I like the idea that they would provide schools with funding for what we need.
    From Holly1

  2. Dear Everyone,
    I think you should vote for the liberal democrats because we should sack bad teachers otherwise kids will get depressed because some teachers call the students losers and that is really which cause more bullying which is another issue.

    From Joanne

  3. Hi 4AP,
    Having looked at the education policies I don’t think I’ll vote for either Labor or Liberals! The Labor Party wants to bring in the Gonski reforms where school funding would be based on your parents income and I don’t believe forcing students to sit exams in Science will improve education in our country.

    On the other hand the Liberals ‘reward better performing teachers’. Who decides whi is a better performing teacher? The students? The principal? The parents? Will it be based on who they like? Will it be based on YOUR learning? How does that work – I can’t support you to learn but at St Elizabeth’s we all know that WE are responsible for our own learning!

    Maybe I could vote for the Christian Democratic Party. I do believe parents should be able to choose the type of education their children receive(government/state or Catholic) based on their beliefs, traditions and values and funding education per child seems a fair system to look into. Plus I do think teachers that move to the country and teach in these areas do need to be paid more because it is more difficult. I also think that a National Curriculum is a bad idea so I like the idea that they are going to evaluate this rather than just implement it because its already started.

    However, thats just teh education policies! What about the environment, or the ecomony, or immigration? Argh! It’s so difficult this election!!

    Miss Ash

  4. Hello Everyone,

    In my personal opinion I would vote for The Greens because I like their policies on Primary and Secondary Education, because, I am a student and this policy would apply to me and this would help give me the education I need. I also chose them because my brother has a disability and and their Disability policiy seemed very interesting and I would be happy to vote for them.


    • Thanks Kristen, I hadn’t had a look at the disability policies yet but they do sound like good policies. I do think that all people with a disability should be able to have a job if they can but even if they can’t we should make sure that they do have enough money to live with the care and medical support they need!
      From Miss Ash

    • Hello Everyone,

      I’d just like to say the Disability policy that The Greens have established, which is
      “The establishment of an ongoing and fully funded national disability scheme that provides life-time care and support to people living with disability.
      A guaranteed and adequate income for people with a disability and their carers to cover living, medical, transport, equipment and accommodation costs and support services.
      Strong and well-funded individual and systemic disability advocacy services.”,
      shows me that my brother will have enough money to support his everyday needs even when my family can’t.

      Policy from – http://www.prepoll.com.au/policies.php


  5. Dear 4AP,

    I won’t be sharing who I’m voting for, but I do like the policies of one Party.
    The Christian Democratic Party,
    These are the policies that I like,
    • All parents must have the right to choose the school for their children that supports the beliefs, traditions and values of their home life.
    • The feasibility of an education voucher system should be investigated.
    • Extra support and remuneration should be given to teachers and administrators in rural areas and in districts where teaching conditions are more challenging.
    • The selection, implementation and evaluation of a national curriculum selected by an independent panel of judge.

    These policies apply to me because they are a Christian Party and I am a Christian to support this, they also give parents a good choice about giving their kids a good education.

    From Sandra.

  6. Dear Bloggers,

    I think that I would vote for The Greens Party because they have a policy about funding for the school system and having high quality information for the parents.

    From Ethan

  7. Dear Bloggers,

    If I were to vote I would vote for the liberal democrats because they will sack bad teachers and that’s good because if students have bad teachers they won’t learn enough and they might get depressed.

    From Taylah

    • Dear Taylah,

      I agree with you how you would vote for the liberal democrats because they will sack the bad teachers. I think that’s good because their students will not learn enough.

      From Elli

  8. Dear Miss Ash,

    If I could vote, I would vote for the Christian Democratic Party because the All parents must have the right to choose the school for their children that supports the beliefs, traditions and values of their home life is really well.

    From Tanaiya

  9. Dear everyone,
    I think that you should vote for the laber paty because there policy are better to understand in what thay are going to do in the futer . They say they will help all the kids by letting every child deserves a good education and to mack sure child deserve to learn new thing it will also mack new jobs for people to work in becaus we need more jobs for our econome. You should vote for the greens to help schools and he liberals to sack bad tachers. But they are all good but I vote for the Laber.

    From Rose

  10. Dear 4AP,

    If I was able to vote I would vote for the Christian Democratic Party as their policies would be effective to teachers, families and Children. I would vote for them as they say they think that all families should be able to choose the school that supports their beliefs, traditions and values. I would also vote for them as they will give extra support to teachers in districts were teaching becomes challenging.

    From Bianca

  11. Dear bloggers
    If I was older I would chose Kevin Rudd because he use to be are priminster and Tony Abbott is new you would not no what he would do to this country . Kevin Rudd would give more money to schools . SO VOTE FOR THE GREENS
    From Mary .k.

  12. Dear Miss Ash,
    It must be hard trying to pick someone to run the country especially if you
    don’t have much to choose from , personally I would choose The National Party .
    The National Party would like to introduce a health safety program to give students the basics of first aid by year 10 and provide all students with pre-drivers education and training.
    They also support teachers to relocate to rural areas and promote Local school communities to have a direct say on what they want to spend their funding on .

    From Madelaine

  13. Dear Bloggers,

    I would vote for Kevin Rudd because Tony Abot is gonna keep the pays for workers the same price on weekends instead of extra so it’s hard to choose

    By Nicholas

  14. Dear Everyone,
    I don’t really know who to vote. They both are persuasive and very hard to choose. I like the policy about sacking bad teachers because I think every student should have a good teacher that encourages everyone and loves their job. I like the education fund as well. So, I really don’t know.
    From Sachini

  15. Dear Miss Ash,

    If I had the opportunity to vote for a party, I would vote for The Nationals.
    This is because I believe they have the best policy, as they have promised
    to provide year ten students with a first aid and pre-driving lesson. Year 10 is a really important schooling year, as it prepares teens for years eleven and twelve and getting a job, so I think it’s important for year tens to learn about safety and first aid. Another thing they have promised is to let local school communities have a say in the expenditure of funds provided by the federal government, which is important as well.

    From Lucia

  16. Dear readers,

    I will vote for the nationals because:

    They will introduce a national youth safety program to give students basic first aid competencies by year 10 and to provide all students with a basic introduction to pre-driver education and training.

    They will support the development of a standardised national system of incentive payments that encourages qualified teachers to relocate to, or remain in, rural and regional locations.

    And they will give extra money to schools to care for the disabled kids. ( it’s important to me because my brother has autism.)

    From Tass.

  17. Dear Miss Ash,

    If I was you I would vote for the greens because they support the schools in a provision of high quality information to parents and to community, and an end to the public ranking of schools in league tables.

    • Thanks Melanie, I would like to see an end to public ranking of schools. I don’t think that it benefits anyone or tells parents what the school is really like or whether it is the right school for their child!
      Miss Ash

  18. Dear Bloggers,

    If I could vote for a party I would vote for the greens. I would vote for them because they will provide the funding for schools I would also vote for them because they will support schools with information to parents. I would also like to vote for this party because it will help everyone who needs personal help in school.

    From Evan

  19. Dear Bloggers,
    If I could vote I would vote for The Greens because I like the idea that they would fund what we need for school. I also like their Human Rites Policies in expanding the Human Rites Commision.

  20. Dear Everyone,

    I think Kevin Rudd should win because I have very stronge beliefs in “Gay Marrige” and he has givin a wonderful speech on making this Legal in Australia. I think Tony Abbott shouldn’t win because he seems to be very new to all this and won’t know how run our country. Kevin Rudd also wants to give more money to schools to help out the The Greens which is really good.


  21. Dear Bloggers,

    I also don’t like either of them because Kevin Rudd made policies I didn’t really like, particularly his policy on asylum seekers, and I don’t know anything about Tony Abbott. My mind feels like it’s gonna explode. I would probably vote for Kevin Rudd since I know a little about him but since I don’t really like his policies maybe I’d vote for someone other than the Liberal and Labor parties.


  22. Dear Bloggers,

    If I had to vote I would vote for The Greens because they are providing funding for schools and they are increasing the funding of education. I also like how they are supporting schools with high quality information to parents and the community.

    From Perry

  23. Dear readers

    If I was older I would vote for tony Abbott because he makes better taxes and better school fees but the labor party is bad because Kevin Rudd voted him self back to being prime minister after Julia Gillard and he was not supposed to do that.

    From Jayden

    • Thanks Jayden, I agree with you about Kevin Rudd. I really didn’t like the way he said that he wouldn’t undermine the leadership of Juila Guillard but then he obviously went round the party and even around his electorate trying to get her kicked out. I know she kind of did the same thing to her but that was because the Labor party lost faith in his leadership where as it seemed like Juilia Guillard was kicked out because they didn’t think she could win the next election. I think I would have been more included to vote for Labor if Julia Guillard was still the Prime Minister.
      From Miss Ash

  24. Dear bloggers,
    If I was 18 I would vote for the Greens because they care more about the children’s education because they increased funding for public education and they support for schools in provision.

    From Neha

  25. Hi Everyone,
    The voting was yesterday and my dad told me that the liberal party won. Not as happy about that as I would have been if the greens had won. My mum told me the greens don’t have enough supporters to ever be prime minister. One day I hope they will be prime minister to put an end to this liberal and labour madness.
    From Holly1

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