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Bullying is a big issue in this world and sometimes you don’t even notice it happening. You can bully someone verbally, physically and you can also do it using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this can really affect someone quite seriously and could lead to depression, suicide and many other mental illnesses.

Here I have provided for you advice and tips to help you stay safe online. If you are under thirteen you aren’t allowed on Facebook but there are still social networking sites with no age restrictions that let children talk in chat rooms with random people around the world.

What should you do if you are being bullied online?

Tell someone you trust like your parents, your teacher or your friends.

Take photos of the messages because the culprit can delete their messages but you will have evidence to prove they did bully you.

If it starts to get out of hand call the police and they will sort everything out.

If you are getting bullied don’t be afraid to tell someone because if you don’t it will get worse and the sooner you tell someone, the safer you will be. Bullying doesn’t just happen to kids and teenagers, it happens to adults as well. If you do know someone who is getting bullied and hasn’t reported it, encourage them too.

Have you been cyber bullied?

What did you do?

What would you do if you were being cyber bullied?

What other advice could you give to people who have been cyber bullied?

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on “Being Cyber Safe!
4 Comments on “Being Cyber Safe!
  1. Dear Kristen,

    If I was bullied online, I would stop talking to the person who is bullying me and tell an adult immediately. If the comment was really serious and if they are threatening to hurt or even kill me, I will print the page out and give it to the police. Bullying online and bulling in person should not even exist! Some people feel like they are alone, not better or not important like other people. They can sometimes try to commit suicide to stop hearing these terrible comments. I have not been cyber bullied before, but I have heard many stories about people who have been cyber bullied and committed suicide or ran away from their family. This is really shocking to hear that these people would do that much in order to stop reading mean, awful comments. I sometimes wish that we people do not have to make people commit suicide or try to start a new life by running away.

    From Cecilia

  2. Dear Bloggers,
    I have been a victim of cyber bulling before, wasn’t worried about it before but after a while someone had started talking about inappropriate things.I then told my parents about it they didn’t really know what to do, so I decided to ask my cousin who was more advanced in this particular program she helped me block and delete the person off my account.I just recommend telling someone you trust and is familiar with cyber bulling or the program.

    From Jessica

  3. Dear Bloggers

    If I was cyber bullied I will stop talking to the person who cyber bullied me or if that same person comes back and bullies me again I will print out the site where I got cyber bullied and show it to my parents and we will go to the police and the police will try to track down that person.

    From Jayden

  4. Dear Everyone,

    I have been cyber bullied recently and what I have done was tell someone I trust like my older brother,then to try and forget about the incident.

    Advice I would give to people is that what other people say about you is only their opinion and not to be confused with yours, make sure to tell someone about the incident and afterwards I would try to forget and move on from the incident. If you don’t forget about it or at least put it behind,it will affect you.


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