What are you grateful for?

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a mystery.


We watched this video of moving art for inspiration


Too often we focus on the things that go wrong, even when its a little thing. We often forget to think about the thing that went well, the things that made us smile, the things that even for for just a moment, made us happy….

What are you grateful for right now?

Why did this thing happen?

How did it make you feel?

This website has some information about why thinking about what we are grateful for helps make us happy and can even help us achieve our goals.


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20 Comments on “What are you grateful for?
  1. Dear Bloggers,
    These are three things I am grateful for this week;
    1. I got to school on time this morning because I woke up early. It made me feel happy and fresh.
    2. I finally found a costume for book week. My mum gave the idea to go buy this costume. I feel happy because I don’t have to stress anymore to find a costume.
    3. I am having my first theory exam this week. It is happening because my music teacher suggested it. I am excited because I have never done it before and I am ready for it.

    From Joanne

  2. Hi Everyone,

    These are the three things I am grateful for this morning;

    1) My brother is fifteen and has autism (mentally – he doesn’t understand things as easily as me and takes a while to learn something new) seeing him learn new things everyday brings joy to me because I know he will be all right on his own throughout the day.

    2) When my uncle comes over there is always a smile on my face because he makes me laugh so much I start to cry. The moment I find out he is coming over I jump with joy and happiness.

    3) For my friends. The ones who make me look forward to school. The ones that make me laugh until I cry. The ones that help me in times of need. The ones that will always be there for me. The ones who make my day awesome.


  3. Dear readers,

    The three things I’m gratefull for are;

    1.) that I got over my cold thanks to the fact that we have medicine to treat illness.
    2.) that we have enuf money to buy nice things like new pens cars and medicine.
    3.) that we all live in a safe country were at the moment Australia has no major wars.

  4. Dear bloggers,

    I’m gratitude for…

    My friends Joshua, Tass and Daniel because of their friendship I look forward to going to school each morning. They make me feel safe and cared about.

    Waking up with lots of energy. This happened because I went to bed early. I’m ready too learn new things and ready to play footy (AFL).

    My family who look after me when I am sick. It makes me feel like someone cares about me.

    From Jimmy

  5. Dear Class,
    These are the 3 things that I’m grateful for this morning;

    1) I woke up really excited to go to school. It happened because I was happy to do lots of interesting learning. It makes me feel exited and happy.
    2) This morning when I came to school I saw all my friends smiling faces. It happened because every one was happy, it makes me feel good to come to school.
    3) I was so happy and grateful that I was able to eat a yummy breakfast. It happened because my mum got up early to cook for me. It made my tummy feel good and made me feel really well looked after and loved.

    From Alana

  6. Dear Bloggers,

    These are the three things that I am grateful for right now;

    1. That I have my family to support me and to make me smile and laugh all the time. I am very grateful that they are alive and that they will always help me.

    2. That I am healthy and not unwell. I feel free, joyful that I do not have to miss out on things and that I do not have to stay in bed.

    3. That I have a community that helps and takes care of each other. I am happy to be part of a lovely community.

    From Cecilia

  7. Dear class,

    The three things I am grateful for this morning are;

    1. Not feeling tired when I woke up. This was because i went to bed early which made me feel happy and energetic.

    2. Getting to school on time ( most days ). This is because me and my brother get ready quicker than usual and pack our bags the night before. This makes me feel relieved because I know I will be able to get ready in the morning without having to stress about being late.

    3. Getting my costume organised for book week, which my mum helped me with. This makes me feel happy as I now know that everything is ready and I don’t have to stress about what I’m going as.

    From Lucia

  8. Dear Bloggers,

    The three things I’m grateful for today;

    1) Getting to school on time and waking up early. I’m grateful for those today because I can start my learning on time.

    2) I’m grateful for having breakfast to eat. That happens because my parents work hard to provide it for me and it means I can have lots of energy to help me learn.

    3) I’m grateful for getting my school bag packed last night so I dont have to pack it up in the morning. I happened because I was organised and it makes me feel proud of myself.

    By Jayce

  9. Dear Bloggers,

    what I am greatful for this morning;

    1) waking up feeling good and healthy.I felt good because I have not woken up feeling good for a few weeks. I think it happend because I had a good night sleep

    2) for winning a giant slinky at bowling.I felt good because it had lots of colours and made me happy

    3) for my brother playing with me when I had no won to play with. I felt happy when he played with me.

    by Caleb

  10. Dear Class,
    Here are three things I’m gratefull for this morning;
    1)This morning I woke up to my cat meowing for food which made me feel relaxed because he brightens my day!
    2)This morning my little brother finnaly stopped being scared of some imaginary cat which made me feel better because I always had to carry him outside and I wasn’t alowwed to open any blinds because he thought the cat was there.
    3)Last night I had a sore tummy because I had to much dessert which made me really sad but this morning I woke up feeling better.
    From Taylah

  11. Hello Bloggers,
    This morning I am grateful for ;

    1) I am grateful to have a delicious breakfast every morning because my mum cares for me.This made me feel special because not every child in the world gets something yummy to eat in the morning and some children don’t even have breakfast every morning

    2)I am also grateful for going to the temple this weekend because it was a special celebration for mothers. I am so grateful because my mum beside me all the time while some people’s mothers have past away.It made me feel like a true Buddhist

    3)I am happy to also have a friends at school because without my friends I wouldn’t want to come to school 5 days of the week.This makes my feel special

    From Jessica

  12. Dear Bloggers,
    here are 3 things i am grateful for.

    1)I am grateful for the doctors and nurses that looked after me and stitched my head because I saw a long line of poeple in the hospital that were waiting for medical attention,i felt grateful as i went into the room first.

    2)I am grateful for having breakfast this morning because I havent had a cooked breakfast in a while, this happened because mum suggested that I needed a big breakfast. It made me feel ready for the day to start.

    3)I am grateful for having older brothers to put my bandages on and wash my head because it had blood in it. It made me feel special as some people don’t have older siblings to look after them.

    From Robert.

  13. Dear Bloggers,

    These are three things I am grateful for this morning;

    1) When I woke up I wasn’t coughing, like I was all weekend because of the wind I had to play soccer in. That put a smile on my face because I can have a good day at school with my friends.

    2) I saw my family face in the morning and it made me feel lucky and happy to have such a wonderful family.

    3) When I woke up I was grateful because I felt fresh to start a new day and was looking forward to having fun at school.

  14. Dear Bloggers,
    These are three thing I am grateful this morning ;
    1) I got to school earlier today than usual. This happened because I got ready quicker today. This made me feel happy
    2) I got to eat a really delicious cake on yesterday. I ate the cake because it was my birthday on Friday. This made me feel really respected.
    3) I got my computer fixed on Saturday. This happened because my computer broke on Thursday and my parents called a company to fix it. This makes me happy because I get to work on the computer now

    From Jamie

  15. Dear Class,

    These are my three things i am grateful for this morning;

    1) I woke up and I didn’t feel so sick. I think this happened because I took care of my self and I had medicine.This made me feel happy that I felt better.

    2) I woke up this morning feeling happy that I had a caring family. This happened because I always make my family happy.

    3) I woke up this morning knowing that I had caring friends that help me when I am in need this made me feel happy. This is because I am caring.

    From Evan

  16. Hi Bloggers,
    These are the 3 things I’m grateful for this morning are;

    1) I had a good night sleep, this is because I slept earlier than usual. I feel more healthy and better than in other days.

    2) I was allowed to play on my Ipad a bit before school, because I slept early and woke up early so I had some free time. I feel more excited to get home now.

    3) I was a little more organised today, I woke up earlier today so I didn’t have to rush and packing in my bag like most days. I feel proud of myself.

  17. Dear 5/6VA,
    This morning I am grateful for;
    1) Waking up to the warmth of my new house shoes. This happened because my mum was kind enough to buy me a new pair. It made have a great feeling and thankful for my mum.
    2) Having a feeling on how the day is going to be. This happened because I had a great day yesterday and knew it would be great. I felt better because it made me feel better about the day.
    3) I am grateful for piano lessons. Mum and dad suggested I do it and they paid for me to do it. I am really excited because I am going to do a piano exam and I have been practising for a very long time. This will show Mum and Dad how much I appreciate these lessons.


  18. Dear Class,
    These are the three things I am grateful this morning,

    1- I felt happy that I am going to Sri Lanka and I get see my dad there and the rest of my family because, we tried many times but things would not go to plan.

    2- I am grateful that my school celebrates book week. This happens because my teachers recognise that books and reading are important. It makes me feel happy because reading helps us.

    3- I am grateful that I have lots of food to eat for lunch. That happened because my mum knew I didn’t eat my breakfast and made my lunch for me. It makes me feel cared for.

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