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Please watch the BTN clip about Gender Equality then leave a comment. You can also read the transcript if you prefer.

There’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about whether women are treated equally to men. It’s called sexism and it’s something even the Prime Minister says she’s been a victim of. But while people disagree about how fairly women are treated today there’s no doubt they weren’t treated equally in the past.

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on “Gender Equality
38 Comments on “Gender Equality
  1. Dear Miss Ash

    I think that it’s right that if women should do what men do and they should get an equal amount of money because its not fair. I know men are stronger but it’s still not fair. Thanks to the women’s 100 year ago that change it.

    • Dear Jimmy,
      I disagree that men are stronger then woman, not all men are stronger than women. Even if men are strong than women I could only think of one or two jobs that need strength.

      From Jamie

  2. Hi Bloggers,

    I think that women and men should all was be equal because some women are better at different things than men are. Why did women not get treated the same as men?

    By Caleb

    • To Caleb,
      I think women didn’t get treated the same way because men thought that women weren’t as good as men and that they were the best at looking after the house

    • Dear Caleb,

      I think that women did not get treated the same as men because men believed that they were good at everything and that all women are only good at taking care of their children and doing things in the house. Women also get paid less than men in the same job because men thought that they were better at the job than other women.


  3. Dear Bloggers,

    I agree that women are still being treated differently, but not like they used to 119 years ago. I don’t understand why men thought they were better than women, I find it ridiculous and unfair. Even now some men think that because they’re married the wife should do all the housework, which is not true.

    In conclusion I believe that women should be paid the same amount as men. I also think women should be treated with respect and equality.


  4. Dear Readers,

    I think that the people in the oldern days i don’t think to we’ll and all women should be treated as good as men. I also know that men in the oldern days said that all women were dumber than men. Even though the government say that women are treated as equually, there are still problems with gender equality.

    From Tass

  5. Dear Bloggers,

    I think men and women should be equal. Some jobs are better for men and some jobs are better for women. Everyone should be treated the same no mater what.

  6. Dear 5/6VA,

    After watching that video I think women are very, very lucky now than in the oldern days. Women used to have to leave their jobs when they got married and had kids, while the men got to vote and do their jobs. Now women get to do all these things as equally as men do.

    From Alana

    • Dear Alana,

      I agree with your comment and I too think women are very lucky nowadays. I think it is unfair that women had to leave their jobs to care of their kids, but it is understandable (they have kids!)

      From Sandra

  7. Dear Bloggers,

    I think it is unfair for men to be paid more than women as they both do the equal amount of hard work. Sometimes the woman has to stay at home to look after children. Luckily today the scales have been more balanced then they were 100 years ago.

    From Robert

  8. Dear 5/6VA,
    I disagree that women shouldn’t be treated the same as how men are treated because women are as equal as men. They also should get paid the same as men since they do the exactly the same jobs as they do. Women shouldn’t be said to be a lower class than men. They also should get to vote, have jobs and be in parliament and not be harassed about their gender.


  9. Dear everybody,

    I feel sorry for all the women who get discriminated and they be seen as any other citizen. 100 years back when women weren’t allowed to vote the made a group called the ‘Suffragettes’. They went to extreme measures so women can vote.

  10. Dear 56VA,

    After watching that video I think that women and men should always be treated the same. Woman should get paid the same as men and get treated the same.

    From Elli.

  11. Dear Miss Ash,

    I believe that woman should have been equal from the start. I also believe that woman are still not being treated equally.
    Why did woman not get paid as much?

    By Evan

    • Dear Evan,

      Women probably did not get paid as much as men because men may have thought that women were not good enough for the job. Even if women were better at the job.

      From Cecilia

  12. Dear Bloggers,

    I personally think that the way women were treated 119 years ago, is absolutely ridiculous. It really wasn’t fair that women didn’t get to vote, I mean doesn’t it help that more people are voting? Equality is very important and I’m glad that women are respected just the way men are today.

    From Sandra.

  13. Dear Readers,
    I think women should get paid the same as men and women should get the same jobs as men. Every single person should be treated equally and fairly. Women are basically the same as men they both have brains and almost the same body parts.

    From Jamie

    • Dear Jamie,

      I agree but I don’t understand what it has got to so with body parts. I mean, I understand what you’re trying to say but I think you could have rephrased it better. Your opinion is almost the same as mine. I agree women should be treated fairly and I agree, that women getting paid less for the same job as men, is unfair. What I want to know is what gives the employer the right to pay men more and women less for the same job?


  14. Dear Everyone,

    I think women should’ve had a chance to vote long ago. Everyone is a person no matter what gender. Personally I am sorry to all women that have been discriminated and I now am glad that the world treats all women respectfully.

    From Tristan

  15. Dear Bloggers,
    I believe Australia has done the right thing because equality is very important to me. I can’t believe myself having to think that all my belongings belong to another man and I get paid less with the exact same job just because of my gender. Women shouldn’t be treated any different to men. I am very thankful of the women in the olden days because they were brave enough to fight for there rights!

    From Jessica

  16. Dear bloggers,

    After watching this video, it has made me realise how lucky women are these days to be able to vote, work and do things that they couldn’t do 119 years ago! Knowing that women weren’t treated equally is very annoying. To think that men used to think that they were stronger, smarter and more capable of doing things, makes me feel really angry and disappointed! Good on women for standing up for what they thought was right!

    From, Lucia

  17. Dear Bloggers,

    In my opinion, I think everyone should be treated equally because it isn’t fair and men would struggle to do things that women can. I don’t really understand why women were treated badly in the beginning. It is also unfair that men get paid more than women even though they have the same job. It surprises me to think that women were treated like people who were not important.

    From Cecilia

  18. Hi Readers,
    I think that this issue is unfair, because men and women doing the same jobs shouldn’t have different pay. Women may be more equal than ever before, but their pay is still less than Men. Women still do as much work as men sometimes at home, looking after children and doing housework.

  19. Hi Everyone,

    In my mind, woman are people too, yes they look different, maybe act different. But we are all the same species. So they’re is no real reason why woman should ever be treated differently.


  20. Dear Readers,

    I think men and women should be equal because the all need to learn to do things for example men should stay home and look after there kids and women should do other jobs.

    From Neha

  21. Hi Everyone,
    I think women were treated pretty bad before they became equal to men. Women were very persistent to get there rights. Why weren’t women equal to start with?
    From Holly1

  22. Dear Bloggers,
    I think that everyone should be treated fairly. Women still do there work just like the men. It is unfair that men get paid more than women but I’m happy it’s changing to be equal.
    From Sachini

  23. Hi bloggers’
    I think that everybody should be treated equally and fair because it isn’t fair if the women do lots of chores when the men do nothing, and it’s not fair if men get paid more money in their jobs.

    In conclusion,I think that men and women should be treated the same

    From Melanie

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