Civics and Citizenship ERP

This term our subject focus is Civics and Citizenship. We have four key learning intentions that we will try and link our personal interests to.

The four key learning intentions are:

Describe each level of government and their role.

Explain how and why laws are made.

Explain what multiculturalism is and describe how a cultural group has contributed to Australian identity.

Explain key democratic principles and values (such as freedom of speech and equality).

Our Educational Research Projects (ERP) must demonstrate one or more of these key learning intentions but can be focused on something of interest to us.

What key learning intention will you cover in your Educational Research Project (ERP)and how does it link with one of your personal interests?

For example;

One of my personal interests is the snow and another is the environonment so if I was a student I would like to do a project on how each level of Government is involved in provided, maintaining and funding National Parks.

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