Converting Measurements

By Miss Ash

This week 56VA you have been learning how to convert measurements.

This has involved learning different types of measuring units, recognising which units are used for weight (mass), length, capacity, volume, and area, recognising which units are appropriate for different measurings task, the difference between Metric and Imperial units of measure and different strategies for solving real life conversion problems.

I would love you to leave a comment, sharing the learning you have achieved this week.

What strategy have you found the most successful?

Have you got an easy way to remember the conversions?

What learning have you done?



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on “Converting Measurements
11 Comments on “Converting Measurements
  1. Dear bloggers,
    converting fractions were a little hard at the start but now were experts at it.The strategy that I find most useful is King Henery Dosen’t Uselly Drink Chocolet Milk which means kilo hecto deca unit deci centi milli.We all had so much fun laerning about converting fractions .

    From Elli in 4VA

  2. To Bloggers,

    In math I have learnt that to convert numbers you need to know kilo,milli,meter,gram,litre and centi.Different ways I work things out Is I use 1000 100 10 0.1 0.01

    from Caleb

  3. Dear Miss Ash

    The most successful strategy for me was to remember was when you have a bigger unit the umber will be smaller and the smaller unit the number will be bigger. The easiest way to remember conversations for me was the King Hennry dosen’t usually drink chocolate milk. The learning I have done is that I have learnt to do conversation and the imperial system

  4. Dear Class,

    I find our class’s mnemonic sentence easier to remember:

    King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocolate Milk

    All the capital’s represent the main metric system
    K H D U D C M
    Kilo Hecto Deka Unit Deci Centi Milli
    ( all the pre-fixes )

    From Tristan

  5. Dear Bloggers ,

    Converting measurements was very tricky at the start but now we all know many things. I learnt how to convert measurements properly I also learnt what king Henry doesn’t usually drink chocolate milk stands for it stands for kilo ,Hecto ,Deka ,Unit ,Deci, Centi, Milli. I found this strategy the most easiest one to use. I had a great time learning how to convert measurements.

    From Taylah in 4VA

  6. Dear bloggers,
    I found it easier to use king Henry doesn’t usually drink chocolate milk which stands for Killo, hecto, deka, unit,deci, centi and milli.I learnt how to actually convert measurements because I never new how to do that before.

    From Alana

  7. Dear bloggers,
    I find an easy way to convert measurements is by using King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocalate Milk ( kilo, hecto, deka, unit, deci, centi, milli ). It’s easy because when you write K H D U D C M you can see how places the decimal needs to be moved for an example if you wanted to convert 36cm into metres you can see that you have to move the decimal two places which leaves with the answer which is 0.36m.
    From Joanne

  8. Dear Bloggers,
    The easiest way for me to remember converting measurement is by King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocolate Milk. Which stands for kilo, hecto, deka, unit, Deci, Centi and milli. Also when you write the K H D U D C M you can decide which way you are moving the decimal point.


  9. Dera bloggers
    I have learnt how to convert measurements in kilometers to millimeters
    And the units are grams Liters and meters. And can convert kilo to millimeters,grams and liters.

    From Andrew3

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